What’s The Difference Between Oral-B Pro 500 And Pro 1000 ?

The Oral-B Pro 500 and Pro 1000 are very identical versions. However, several significant differences may lead you to choose one. Overall, the Pro 1000 is the superior option, in our opinion. But, of course, that’s not all there is to it.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at the primary elements of each of these models to see what distinguishes them and what makes one better than the other. Let’s get this party started!

 Oral-B Pro 500 And Pro 1000 - What is the difference?

Oral-B Pro 500:

The Oral-B Pro 500 is an entry-level toothbrush. The pricing is reasonable enough that consumers on a tight budget will likely approach confidently. While the price does not always compare well to other companies’ starter brushes, it is still low enough that a consumer on a tight budget will not be scared off.

Oral B 500 brushes are available in two distinct variants. It covers both the “Original” and the “Gum Care.” The most noticeable distinction between the two units is their look. The revised “Original” Brush has a redesigned design idea that makes it seem a little sleeker.

The Brush has a two-minute timer and a pacing function that vibrates every thirty seconds to let you know when to target a different part of your mouth. It also has a strong brush head that may remove up to 100% more plaque than similar brushes.

The battery life of this Brush is also quite respectable; a single charge will last you for over a week of regular usage. Battery life of this magnitude puts the Brush on par with the best of its class.

Aside from the apparent limitations placed on most entry-level products, there aren’t many downsides. There is just one operating mode, no Bluetooth, and one brush head.

With these considerations in mind, the core issue is one of worth. Comparable items from a competing company may be half the price. Still, suppose you want to take advantage of Oral-B’s well-known high-quality engineering. In that case, this is an excellent entry-level device.


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 Oral-B Pro 500 A



  • One easy-to-use cleaning mode
  • Ergonomic handle design with a solid grip
  • Built-in timer with quad pacer
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Low weight and user-friendly
  • Affordable cost



  • Hardly many high-end features
  • The battery life is somewhat less than that of competitive brands.


Oral-B Pro 1000:

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is a minor enhancement over the Pro 500. At first sight, the characteristics seem to be highly similar. You still get the timer, pacer, and excellent battery life. You may use this Brush for 22 hours on a single charge.

The main difference with this Brush is the way the bristles work. It has the “CrossAction” brush head, which uses an oscillating, spinning, and pulsing method that removes up to 300% more plaque than a similar manual device.

It is nearly three times as effective at cleaning your teeth than the Pro-500. You may also use this Brush with most Oral B brush heads.


As a result, the little price increase may be well worth it for the consumer who wants to optimize the efficacy of their brush practice. Moreover, its design idea is more aesthetically pleasing. The handle is elegant and low-profile, making it an appealing component of your bathroom counter.

Unfortunately, this Brush does not have many modes of usage. While this isn’t necessarily the end of the world, it is a feature we expect to see in a device of comparable pricing.

It is still a good handle, but it does not meet all of our criteria for a product in this price range.


Visit this link to buy this toothbrush:



 Oral-B Pro 1000



  • Pressure sensors prevent teeth from over-brushing.
  • Effectively deep cleans teeth
  • Budget-friendly
  • ADA Compliant
  • Includes a warranty.
  • A two-minute timer indicates when you should finish brushing.



  • Limited functionality
  • Noisy


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What’s The Difference Between Oral-B Pro 500 And Oral-B Pro 1000?


1. Battery Life:

It’s simply inconvenient to get up in the morning, get dressed, and then discover that your toothbrush’s battery is empty. It occurs, and it is sadly more probable if you use a toothbrush with shorter battery life.

When comparing Oral-B Pro-1000 versus Oral-B 500, the Oral-B 500 will last for roughly seven days, while the Oral-B Pro-1000 seems to last ten days. Yet, our research shows that it may only last for eight days.


2. Pressure Sensor:

Because some of these toothbrushes have a lot of power, the sole goal of this sensor is to guarantee that you don’t accidentally harm your teeth by applying too much pressure. When we compare the Oral-B Pro 1000 to the Oral-B Pro 500, the 500 lacks a pressure sensor to prohibit you from pushing too hard.

The Oral B pro-1000, on the other hand, has a sensor that changes the sound of the Brush and slows the bristles when you press too hard. It will regain its average power when you release part of the pressure.


3. Price:

Price is essential when spending a lot of money on a toothbrush. As one would imagine, the first model, the 500, is the least expensive, while the oral-b pro-1000 is more costly. If you want something entry-level, the 500 is the way to go, but if you truly need the additional mode and features, paying more for something higher-end could be worth it.


4. Timers:

Oral B Pro 1000 contains a 2-minute timer with quad-pace technology. It means it will clock you for 2 minutes, so you know how long to Brush, and will produce a little pulse every 30 seconds, so you know when to move from one part of your mouth to another. You’ll clean your whole mouth evenly and won’t have to remember when to switch portions.

The 500 does not contain quad-pace technology, but it does include a 2-minute timer that will alert you when your teeth are clean. It is an excellent alternative if you don’t require the 30-second timer.


5. Grip:

Both brushes have excellent grips and should be simple to grasp. However, the Oral B 500 is a bit thicker than the other, which designs to be elegant in look and easy to hold. Of course, the 500 is also simple to grasp, and both are low-profile enough to put on your counter.

Both include rubber grips on the sides to make them simpler to grab. It depends on your hand size and if you believe you’ll need a more oversized handle. If so, the Oral B 500 is your best option.


6. Brushing Action:

It is significant because a vigorous brushing movement can help you clean up even the smallest spaces in your teeth. The Oral B 500 brushes well but lacks the cross-action brushing seen in 1000.

Cross-action brush heads oscillate, spin, and pulse to remove more plaque than similar choices. Compared to the 500, brushes with cross-action brushing may clear up to 300 percent more plaque.

The 500 is an excellent option for those on a budget, but if you want your teeth to be spotless, you may want to go for a more expensive model. Not only are there no batch-specific brush heads, but there are no brush heads.


Does One Clean Better Than The Other?

The Pro 1000 can provide superior tooth cleaning. Whereas most electric toothbrushes have minimal variation in cleaning ability, the difference here is more pronounced.

Both brushes provide a more constant cleaning action than a manual toothbrush. They will benefit your oral health if used properly.

While both brushes feature clinically better tiny round brush heads, the Pro 500 has simply an oscillating-rotating (2D) cleaning action as opposed to the Pro 1000’s oscillating-rotating and pulsing (3D) cleaning action.


Pulsations provide a more refined action and add another depth to brushing. Unlike 2D cleaning, which needs the physical movement of the brush head on the teeth, pulsations are a ‘non-contact’ kind of Brush.

High-frequency pulsations mix fluids around the teeth and may loosen and eliminate dental plaque in regions the toothbrush can’t touch.

Oral-B calls its sonic technology” pulsations,” which are just sound waves. The 500 provides 7,800 oscillations per minute, while the Pro 1000 provides 8,800.

The Pro 500 has zero pulsations, while the Pro 1000 has 20,000.


It is feasible to detect the difference if you clean your teeth with each Brush.

Although the Pro 500 is adequate as a daily toothbrush, the Pro 1000 will provide a far superior cleaning experience in the long run.

Given that the whole purpose of a toothbrush is to clean the teeth, it is certainly worth using the additional cleaning capabilities that the Pro 1000 provides.


Is One Better Priced Than The Other?

Yes, the Pro 500 is often the cheaper of the two variants. It costs roughly $40 at retail, compared to $70 for the Pro 1000, and a $30 premium for the Pro 1000 is difficult to justify.

However, when you consider actual selling prices, things alter. Both versions frequently sell for far less than their original price. The Pro 500 should cost approximately $30, and the Pro 1000 should cost around $45.

That $30 gap reduces to $15. Given the 1000’s advantages, We feel this is an acceptable extra purchase unless you are on a limited budget. Because they both utilize the same Oral-B brush heads, the ongoing cost of using these brushes is the same.


Conclusion: What’s The Difference Between Oral-B Pro 500 And Pro 1000 ?

In this scenario, it is evident that the Oral-B Pro 1000 is the superior pick of the two. Due to its excellent degree of functionality and affordable cost when you consider all of its features.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the Oral-B Pro 500 isn’t worthwhile. The Pro 500 is also a fantastic model well-liked by many individuals. However, it is far more basic and much less expensive than the Pro 1000.






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