Do teeth whitening pen work on veneers?

Most of us desire a lovely, brilliantly white smile. Teeth whitening treatments, ranging from strips to gels, can effectively remove stains and brighten teeth, but what if you have veneers?


Will whitening pen work on veneers?

Will they cause harm to the veneers?

Can you whiten all of your teeth at the same time?


Sadly, teeth whitening pen do not work on veneers because they are made with porcelain material.


What are veneers & Why they are used?


Veneers are actually thin layers of porcelain or other material bonded to your tooth’s front surface to alter its look.

Veneers are frequently used to enhance discolored teeth that do not respond to whitening pens but can also modify the form of your tooth’s surface.


Veneers are comprised of a durable substance that is stain-resistant. This is the good news regarding stains and maintaining a brilliant white smile.


This is, however, equally bad news.

Veneers do not respond to whitening solutions such as strips and gels due to the strength of the material, and whitening gels cannot penetrate any stains that appear on veneers.

As a result, when you use at home teeth whitening pen to whiten your teeth, your natural teeth may seem whiter than the veneers.


The basic truth is that you cannot whiten veneers.


 Do whitening pen work on veneers?


The short answer is “no.” Traditional whitening procedures do not work on porcelain or most bonding materials, making it difficult to whiten veneers, dentures, crowns, or implants once placed in your mouth.


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Can You Still Use Whitening Pens with Veneers?


The good news is that you can still whiten your teeth if you have veneers. Whitening pens will not harm these veneers in any way.

However, keep in mind that teeth with veneers will not transform color. Whitening is likely to lighten and eliminate stains from your teeth, making them brighter than your veneers.

This causes your smile to seem uneven.


This is one reason why your dentist may advise you to whiten your teeth before getting dental veneers.

This enables your dentist to more precisely match the color of your veneers to the whiteness of your teeth.

So eventually when you whiten your teeth, your veneers will likely continue to match.


Doe whitening Strip Work On Veneers?


The short answer is NO. Crown and Veneers do not respond to oral whitening products like strips and gel.

They are made with porcelain or bonding materials and don’t allow whitening substances to penetrate them.


Whiten Your Teeth and Then Replace Your Veneers 


There is something you may do if you did not whiten your teeth before getting veneers and have now decided to use whitening kits to whiten your smile.

You may whiten your teeth to the appropriate shade by using a whitening pen, such as we recommend using a BreathSmile whitening pen for best results. You can find them on Walmart!


Once you’ve achieved the ideal level of whiteness, then your dentist can replace your veneers to match your new dazzling white smile.

This will guarantee that your teeth are the same color and that you have a smooth smile.





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