How Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Works?

Coconut oil teeth whitening is a tried-and-true method that uses components which are easily accessible at home. Suppose you want to whiten your teeth and avoid using traditional procedures. In that case, coconut oil is one of the best solutions for teeth whitening and dental care.

In the previous several decades, dental treatment has gone a long way. Dental techniques have progressed as technology has advanced. Consequently, individuals are increasingly concerned and self-conscious about their appearance, face attractiveness, and smile aesthetics, including flawless and sparkling teeth.

Better technology and online research have altered the dentistry profession and oral care. People may now look for particular natural remedies for various illnesses previously impossible to find promptly.


Origins Of Oil Pulling Technique:


Oil pulling originated 2,500 years ago as an alternative to traditional therapy. Oil pulling includes applying oil to all body tissues, from head to toe. This practice markets for the treatment of various diseases, including dental health.

Oil pulling has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Oral oil pulling requires swishing oil around in one’s mouth.

There is no risk in doing this practice, which causes nausea in certain persons—those who experience nausea when oil pulling should limit their time to five minutes. You should use a teaspoon and a tablespoon of coconut oil for oil pulling.


What Is Coconut Oil For Teeth?

A squeezing method helps to obtain coconut oil from the flesh of coconuts. The oil usually is white and solid at room temperature, but when warmed, it melts into a transparent liquid. Coconut oil may be virgin or refined. Some varieties are hydrogenated using additives to assist the oil stay solid in heated situations. The following are some quick facts regarding coconut oil:

  • When used in stir-fries or curries, coconut oil gives a rich and distinct taste.
  • Coconut oil has a lot of lauric acids, which may help with problems including psoriasis and acne.
  • Despite its reputation as a healthy fat, coconut oil is still a saturated fat you should use in moderation.
  • Coconut oil is an ideal natural moisturizer for the skin and hair.
  • In the Philippines, India, and Polynesia, coconut oil is a popular ingredient and culinary staple.

Aside from topical and nutritional applications, there is a current trend of utilizing coconut oil in mouth hygiene. Some individuals, for example, swear by coconut oil for oil pulling to keep their teeth and gums healthy. You may wonder if you can use coconut oil to whiten your teeth.


Does Coconut Oil Whitens Teeth?


There is one clear thing we must state straight away: coconut oil does not bleach teeth. Coconut oil does not whiten teeth, as well as teeth bleaching treatments, and it will not change the natural color of your teeth.

Bleaching is the removal of color pigments from the tooth. It is the consequence of a chemical process that produces tiny bubbles that aid in removing stains from deep inside tooth tissues. Both hydrogen and carbamide peroxide are powerful bleaches often used in tooth whitening.

Coconut oil does not respond similarly to tooth stains and will rest on your teeth’s surface. What about the notion that coconut oil whitens teeth?

It is most likely due to two factors:

  • Brushing, flossing, or rinsing with teeth whitening coconut oil includes a mechanical action that eliminates stains and rough plaque from teeth.
  • Coconut oil creates an oily coating on the teeth and gums, temporarily discouraging the creation of additional yellowish dental plaque.

Coconut oil may have a lot of buzzes, but not everyone who uses it has miraculous benefits. It is because coconut oil does not genuinely whiten teeth; it just briefly makes them seem and feel cleaner when the soft layer of plaque is removed.


Why Use Coconut Oil To Whiten Teeth?

While the decision on teeth whitening is yet out, there are several other possible advantages to integrating coconut oil into your dental care regimen.

  • Pay More Attention To Your Oral Health:

For starters, coconut oil will inspire you to pay better attention to your overall dental health. Moreover, the more often you do it, the more time you’ll set aside for dental hygiene. As a consequence, your teeth will be naturally brighter and healthier.

  • Help Lift Gingivitis And Cavity:

Furthermore, utilizing coconut oil as a whitening rinse can aid in the removal of gingivitis- and cavity-causing germs from between your teeth. Swishing healthful liquids may soothe gums and reduce plaque between teeth. Even if the coconut oil does not whiten your teeth, swishing it around may enhance your dental health.

  • Safe For Your Health:

Finally, coconut oil is not harmful to your teeth. It’s saturated fat; therefore, too much of it might be bad for your health if you eat it. Aside from that, it’s safe for your teeth. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with coconut oil and see how it works for you!

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How To Whiten Teeth With Coconut Oil?


  • Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil: 

Oil pulling is the most common method for whitening teeth using coconut oil. Oil pulling is a hygienic procedure that has been practiced for thousands of years. People have been drawing oil for a long time throughout India and Southeast Asia.

This coconut oil teeth whitening procedure brightens your teeth, refreshes your breath, and promotes tooth and gum health. You may use oils like olive oil and sesame oil in oil pulling. However, coconut oil is the most often utilized because of its mild and sweet taste. The process is simple and is as follows:

  1. Place a spoonful of coconut oil on your tongue, careful not to swallow it.
  2. Gargle with the oil for around 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re beginning, you may want to do it for a shorter time to avoid hurting your jaw.
  3. Spit out oil and rinse with water.


  • Use Coconut Oil Toothpaste:

Many businesses have come on board with growing interest in utilizing coconut oil to whiten teeth.

As a result, hundreds of different varieties of coconut oil toothpaste are currently available. Is this something you should attempt for yourself? More importantly, would this sort of toothpaste genuinely improve your dental health?

There is no risk in using toothpaste containing coconut oil. However, be sure your coconut toothpaste has the chemicals listed by the American Dental Association.

It is the only way to ensure that your toothpaste does its job and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. As a result, in addition to coconut oil, you should look for the following components:

  • Fluoride-containing ingredients.
  • Active compounds that assist in preventing enamel erosion, foul breath, and plaque and tartar build-up.


  • Use Coconut Oil Mouthwash:

Mouthwash is another coconut oil-based product that is making waves. This active component is present in more mouthwashes than ever before. If you come across one, get it because mouthwashes containing coconut oil perform admirably.

These white teeth coconut oil mouthwashes may aid in the removal of germs that cause gingivitis and other dental issues. Look for a mouthwash with at least 12.5 percent coconut oil for the best results.


So Do Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?


Not at all. Coconut oil is not the most effective treatment for yellow teeth. However, it may have several additional advantages for your dental health. Coconut oil may also help you maintain a white smile by keeping your teeth and gums clean and clear of stain-causing microorganisms.

Do not use coconut oil as a substitute for regular brushing and flossing if you want to use it for this purpose. Coconut oil alone will not provide you with healthy white teeth. You have to use it with your favorite toothpaste for better results,

Take some selfies as you experiment with coconut oil to track your improvement and celebrate your journey to a healthier and more attractive smile!






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