Should teeth whitening pen be refrigerated?

Yes, the teeth whitening pen can be kept in the refrigerator. Teeth whitening pen containing whitening gel can be refrigerated to extend the product’s shelf life. Once you have closed your teeth whitening gel solution, please place it in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life by up to 2 years.


Most whitening gels have a shelf life of roughly a year after they are manufactured. The gel can be used for up to a year if stored in the refrigerator.

The gel oxidizes and loses its efficacy with time. If the gel becomes too old, it will turn white or cloudy. It is not actually unsafe to use, but it is unlikely to whiten your teeth.


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Can a refrigerated teeth whitening pen last longer?


If you store it unrefrigerated, it will last approximately a year. It would be great to store it in the fridge rather than freeze it. If the instructions advise not to, don’t put anything in the refrigerator.


How much time should I place whitening pen in the refrigerator?


Refrigerate the whitening gel and remove it from the refrigerator approximately an hour before usage. Refrigerating the gel keeps the components fresher for longer.


Whitening Strips should not be stored in hot temperatures


If you’re going to the grocery and leaving them in the car, don’t pick up your whitening goods on the same trip. Because heat can deactivate the peroxide in whitening strips, putting them in a hot car while doing errands is not a good idea.

If you don’t intend to use your whitening goods immediately, keeping them in the refrigerator can help in extending their shelf life.


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Why should we keep whitening pens in the refrigerator?


All peroxide-based whitening gels are unstable substances by nature, and this is how they can degrade quickly in the mouth, generating bleaching factor byproducts.

The disadvantage of this chemical volatility is that all whitening gels degrade shortly after manufacturing if not kept refrigerated at all times.


Advantage of Refrigeration

Refrigerating a whitening pen will extend the life span to 2 years+.

Benefits of Refrigerating whitening pens Include:

  1. Has a highly extended shelf life (18-24 months) despite the absence of chemical stabilizers.
  2. Whitening gels remain with almost the same strength as the day they were made.
  3. Whitening gels remain with a neutral pH.
  4. Increased efficiency.
  5. Reduced sensitivity.


Disadvantage of Refrigeration

Non-refrigeration of whitening pen results in whitening gel breakdown and an acidic pH by the time they are used.

The disadvantages of this include:

  1. Less effectiveness
  2. Damage to tooth structure
  3. Greater whitening sensitivity and pain


Should the teeth whitening pen be refrigerated?

In order to prolong the shelf life of the product, we advise you to keep the teeth whitening pen inside your refrigerator after use. It prevents the whitening gel from turning to liquid. When it’s no refrigerated, it breaks down and becomes more acidic which may cause sensitivity and pain.





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