Burst Sonic Toothbrush Worth It?

BURST Oral Care collaborates with dentists to provide real-time feedback, resources, and product development. They sell a sonic toothbrush, a kids’ sonic toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, whitening strips, and a water flosser. They have also just released an oral probiotic supplement.

Each of their products is a one-of-a-kind attention-grabber. They have a wide range of color choices, including lavender, rose gold, black, and white, but their goods are more than simply eye-catching; they’re also innovative.

Furthermore, their charcoal-infused floss comes with a reusable case for simple replacement when the next spool arrives.

BURST is well-positioned to expand its presence in the oral health care industry. We put Burst’s sonic toothbrush to the test to see how it compared to the competition. Let’s have a deeper look at this unique Burst Sonic Toothbrush review from the viewpoint of a dentist.


Burst Sonic Toothbrush Overview:


Assuming that all toothbrushes have the same design, the Sonic BURST will be a pleasant surprise. This modern electric toothbrush has a sleek design and an ergonomic handle that makes brushing a breeze.

The Sonic burst stands out for its unique characteristics compared to other sonic toothbrushes. The brush’s white-charcoal-infused bristles clean and deodorize the brush between uses and eliminate any remaining stains.

This toothbrush has three modes: whitening, sensitivity, and massage. Both modes use the same 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute from the toothbrush’s motor.

There is a two-minute timer and a quad-interval timer on the BURST toothbrush. After every 30 seconds, the quad-interval timer gives out a comforting buzz.

It indicates when you should brush a different area of your mouth, facilitating a more thorough cleaning. The toothbrush shuts off after two minutes automatically. It will help you remember to brush for two minutes, which is how long dentists suggest.

Additionally, the BURST sonic toothbrush has excellent battery life. As long as you don’t plug it in to charge, it will last for a whole month of brushing. Because of this, the toothbrush is convenient to take along on vacations. As a bonus, the charger won’t have to take up specified space on your bathroom vanity.


What Will I Get With A Burst Toothbrush Kit?


There is the standard Burst toothbrush kit. Then there are the memberships you can pick from to customize your experience and get additional benefits.

1. Sonic Toothbrush Starter Kit – Burst:

The following products make up a standard Burst toothbrush kit:

  • Sonic Burst Toothbrush.
  • One brush head you may swap out.
  • This charging pad has a USB port built-in.
  • The USB power adapter for the wall

Subscription Service & Lifetime Warranty:

Buying a Burst toothbrush also enrolls you in a program that sends you a new toothbrush head every three months. It’s handy to ensure you’re not brushing with a worn-out head. But, you can skip the service after purchasing your first toothbrush and buy new brush heads whenever you need them.

Whitening strips, charcoal floss, and toothpaste are just some of the supplementary subscription services you may choose. You’ll get one of these every three months along with a replacement toothbrush head.

Its lifetime warranty is also a notable aspect. If your Burst toothbrush ever breaks and you have a subscription, they will send you a replacement one at no extra cost. Without a subscription, you still get a full two years of coverage from the date of purchase.

Features Of The Burst Toothbrush:

The activated charcoal is what produces Burst’s cleansing effects.


2. Charcoal-Infused Bristles:

Infusing Burst toothbrush bristles with Binchotan, or white charcoal, used for millennia in Japan to cleanse air and water, is a unique and innovative approach to oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth with this infused charcoal is said to be a natural way to brighten your smile.


33,000 Sonic Vibrations Per Minute:

Burst toothbrushes are electric, yet their heads don’t rotate like those of competing brands. Its strong motor vibrates the bristles 33,000 times per minute, providing a thorough cleaning instead. Many other electric toothbrushes use sonic vibration, but none of them can work at this speed.

Two-Minute Timer With Quad Interval Technology:

Even those who practice twice-daily oral hygiene routines often report feeling rushed because of their hectic schedules. No one has the time to clean their teeth properly, even those who pay more attention to some areas of their mouths than others.

The timer on Burst alerts you when it’s time to switch from one part of your mouth to another, ensuring you give each section of your mouth an equal amount of cleaning time.

Different Intensity Settings:

When brushing, the motor has three distinct settings:

  • Whitening:

You can eliminate plaque and stains due to the 33,000 vibrations per minute generated by the device’s most powerful setting, which dedicates to whitening.

  • Sensitive:

If your teeth are susceptible, you may switch to the gentler Sensitive mode, which vibrates faster than the powerful whitening setting.

  • Massage:

Finally, the lowest setting provides a massage by vibrating the bristles on the gums and painful regions.

Four-Week Battery Life:

Since a single charge can last a Burst toothbrush for up to four weeks of daily usage, you can charge it in the included stand or the cabinet. An indicator will glow red when the battery is low; it just takes an overnight charge to keep you going for another 30 days.


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How To Use The Burst Toothbrush:

There are many options for the BURST toothbrush, and you may be wondering how to use it. Using a BURST toothbrush is far less of a hassle than using a traditional toothbrush. The BURST sonic toothbrush eliminates the need to move the toothbrush in circular motions manually.

Select your mode of choice and hold the brush at a 45-degree slant. Just stick it in your mouth and let the vibrations do their thing. If you don’t move the brush, the bristles will still reach the spaces between your teeth. You don’t have to create a circular motion with the toothbrush, but you may if you want to.

Because the BURST toothbrush is so effective at cleaning your teeth, you may experience some sensitivity in the first stages of using it. It’s somewhat unlike how you may feel after cleaning your teeth for the first time in a long time. However, the discomfort you’re feeling now should stop after a few days.

You should wash the brush’s bristles after use. Once you remove the brush head, you may clean the metal rod. Don’t forget to hang the toothbrush when you’re done using it.

However, maintaining a clean area below the brush head is not essential. Bathrooms are notoriously dirty and germ-filled places. Therefore, sterilize your toothbrush before using it to brush your teeth.


What Does A Burst Sonic Toothbrush Cost?


You can purchase the Burst toothbrush kit online in either black or white for $69.99, with a free trial of the replaceable brush head service included. You’ll pay $6 every three months to have one of these shipped to you.

Its limited-edition rose gold version costs an extra $10 above the standard black and white devices, but it also includes a travel case. Due to their higher metal content, Rose gold brush replacement heads are $1 pricier than their silver counterparts ($7 vs. $6).

In addition to the contents in the box, you can buy the following extras for an additional cost:

  • Expanding floss made from activated charcoal costs $12.99 for an initial purchase (with a dispenser) and $6.99 for refills through a subscription.
  • Fluoride toothpaste may be purchased once for $9.99 or often for $6.99 if you subscribe.
  • You may purchase whitening strips once for $19.99 or monthly for $14.99.
  • Travel case for $12.99.


  • Charcoal-infused feathered bristles
  • Brush heads for a subscription.
  • Travel case is included.
  • Three different brushing modes.
  • Pressure gauges.
  • A four-week battery life
  • A four-interval timer.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 33,000 acoustic vibrations per minute


  • Average tongue and cheek cleaner.
  • Some people may find the bristles overly soft.
  • Inadequate smartphone connection


What are Reddit Users Saying About Burst Sonic Toothbrush?


I’m a dental hygienist and have used a Burst for probably the past 3 years. I do like it, and it’s a cheaper option than a Sonicare or Oral-B power brush. I can tell from my teeth that it does a good job. Reddit User

My hygienist recommended a Burst toothbrush and gave me a promo code for it. I wonder how good this brush is compared to others. Reddit User

I hate that salesperson’s feeling when they give recommendations. We sell a few brushes and specialty toothpaste, but I always let people know they can buy elsewhere too. I can’t comfortably recommend a $200 toothbrush when you can get killer deals at Costco or buy a simpler model that is just as good for much less. I do not know anything about the Burst brushes, but I’m going to look into them; thanks 🙂 Reddit User


Burst Sonic Toothbrush Worth It?


We recommend it to everyone interested in buying their first electric toothbrush. The Burst sonic toothbrush is an excellent option if you only need a reliable tool for cleaning your teeth and don’t care about fancy features or interactive modes.

It has a strong motor and long battery life on a single charge. Burst stands behind their goods with a generous warranty and positive feedback from satisfied customers.

If you currently have a premium electric toothbrush, you may not need to hurry out and get Burst immediately. Burst definitely won’t wow you if you’re used to having several settings, a vast selection of brush heads, and a dental health monitoring app.

Burst’s four-week battery life and appeal as a portable sonic toothbrush, or even the ease of getting a new brush head sent every 90 days, are sure to pique the curiosity of some toothbrush enthusiasts.

You must have seen many Burst sonic toothbrush reviews, but we surely can say you have never read this type of detailed review before. We hope now you know whether buying a Burst sonic toothbrush is worth it or not!





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