Is it Worth Buying an Expensive Electric Toothbrush?

You may search the internet or visit any retail store and find that while some electric toothbrushes are in affordable ranges, such as $30 to $60, others can reach up to $300. At first, you would obviously not choose the expensive electric toothbrush because it is simply way too high in price. A question might come to your mind – Is it Worth Buying an Expensive Electric Toothbrush?


Top 3 Picks Rechargeable Electrical Toothbrush


Why are Certain Electric Toothbrushes Expensive than Other Toothbrushes?


However, there is a reason behind the increased price of every toothbrush. Although economical electric toothbrushes help clean your teeth more effectively, expensive ones are embedded with more technology and features to clean your teeth properly.

For explanation purposes, we will compare Oral-B’s (a world-renowned brand) best electric toothbrush and most effective yet very affordable electric toothbrush so that by the end, you may realize just what it means to get a better dental cleaning tool.


Best Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush vs. Best Expensive Electric Toothbrush


  • Inexpensive: Oral-B Pro 3 3000
  • Expensive: Oral-B iO Series 9


Let’s explain the differences between inexpressive and expensive electric toothbrushes using the brand mentioned above (Oral-B). We will look at the features, package, price, and maintenance cost.




1. Oral-B Pro 3 3000:

In terms of features, the Oral-B Pro 3 3000 is one of the best electric toothbrushes that are low in cost. It has a wide variety of features, such as 3 different modes for a dental cleaning: Sensitive, Daily Clean, and Whitening.


This allows you to choose the perfect cleaning method suited for your teeth and your requirements.

Furthermore, it is also equipped with a timer that activates every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch the area of your mouth you are cleaning.


Finally, for those with extremely sensitive teeth and gums, the brush head is equipped with a pressure sensor that prompts you when you apply too much force, preventing your teeth and gums from being damaged. For an inexpensive toothbrush, it has pretty decent features.

Oral B

2. Oral-B iO Series 9:

Although it is extremely expensive, the iO Series 9 is the most jam-packed toothbrush Oral-B has ever created. It is an advanced smart toothbrush that also has an app associated with it.


This electric toothbrush contains 7 smart cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive, Intense, Super Sensitive, and Tongue Clean. These are 4 more cleaning modes that makes it higher than the Oral-B pro 3 3000.

The defining feature of the Oral-B iO Series 9 is the 3D Teeth Tracking and color display. The 3D Teeth Tracking creates a 3D image of your teeth which you can monitor from your phone using the smart app for the toothbrush.


The app will show you the areas of your mouth that you have cleaned and will also highlight the areas that you missed or did not clean properly so that you can clean them perfectly. The color display shows the plaque on the teeth and gums so that you can easily remove them.

It also contains the features associated with the Oral-B Pro 3 3000, such as the pressure sensor and the timer for you to change the area you are cleaning.



1. Oral-B Pro 3 30000:

Since the Oral-B Pro 3 3000 is one of the cheapest electric toothbrushes, it would also contain some accessories less than its expensive counterparts. When buying the Oral-B Pro 3 3000, you would only get the brush and a charging station; although you may buy its refill brush heads as well, those would add to the overall cost.

2. Oral-B iO Series 9:

The Oral-B iO Series 8 contains a few more accessories than the Oral-B Pro 3 3000. Along with the brush and a charging station, it also contains a travel kit for those who like to travel and would take the toothbrush along with them. Furthermore, the package also comes with 4 replacement brush heads, unlike the Oral-B Pro 3 3000.


Price and Maintenance Costs:


1. Oral-B Pro 3 3000:

In terms of price, the Oral-B Pro 3 3000 is one of the cheapest, usually sold at around $50. It will be hard for you to find a toothbrush as cheap and advanced as the Oral-B Pro 3 3000.

Its battery life is long, and it, if used carefully, can last for a long period of time.

The replacement brush heads are also low and, hence, would not cost you much. The perfect low-budget electric toothbrush.


2. Oral-B iO Series 9:

The Oral-B iO Series 9, due to its excessive and advanced features, is very high in price, approximately $300. But that doesn’t stop there.

The brush heads may last a long time, but the cost of each replacement brush head is significantly higher than that of other electric toothbrushes.

However, it has an incredible battery life and lasts very long. With its vast and effective features, it is the best bet for a perfect dental cleaning experience.


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So, Is it Worth Buying an Expensive Electric Toothbrush?

An expensive electric toothbrush may not be affordable, but those who can buy it should buy it. With the increased number of features and latest technology, expensive toothbrushes give the best dental cleaning treatment than an inexpensive toothbrush.

So for those looking to buy an electric toothbrush, buy that which you can afford, but in the end, an expensive toothbrush is indeed better than an inexpensive one.


Top 3 Picks Rechargeable Electrical Toothbrush



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