What is The Best Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush?

While there are many Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush brands one can choose from, there are a few that live up to the expectations and are renowned brands worldwide.


Top 3 Picks Rechargeable Electrical Toothbrush


What are Some of the Best Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush Brands to Buy From?


We have rounded up 3 of the most prominent electric toothbrush brands in the world and the differences between them.


1. Oral-B

Many of you must know Oral-B is a famous toothbrush brand praised by dentists and users. Oral-B’s electric toothbrushes use 3D technology to clean, creating a pulsating and oscillating sensation with a rotary brush head to clean your teeth.

While these clean your teeth effectively, they also maintain care and prevent excessive force on your gums, allowing those with sensitive teeth and gums to use them easily. It is a top choice for many customers.


2. Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare is also another brand that is extremely popular. However, it uses a technology and operation method entirely different from the one used by Oral-B.

It uses sonic technology to remove plaque and bacteria, which are high-frequency vibrations with immense force. The vibrations clean your teeth in areas that the bristles cannot reach.

Hence, it is also referred to as the no-contact cleaning method. Sonicare’s brush heads are oblong in shape.


3. Colgate

A unique entry in electric toothbrushes; known for mouthwashes, toothpaste, and manual toothbrushes. However, it has also entered the electric toothbrush market by offering advanced cleaning services and smart operations.


The Best Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush from the Mentioned Brands:


These brands have different price ranges for different toothbrushes, which have different features. However, we have gathered the best yet least expensive toothbrushes from each brand, from which we will pick a final winner.


Oral-B: Oral-B Pro 3 3000

Although the Vitality Plus is the cheapest Oral-B electric toothbrush, it does not have the features and technology necessary for proper cleaning. Hence, the perfect option is the Oral-B Pro 3 3000. This is because it possesses a wide range of features at an extremely low price.


A built-in pressure sensor helps you clean your teeth without exerting much force, preventing your gums from being damaged. Furthermore, it is equipped with a timer that prompts every 30 seconds for you to switch the areas of your mouth you are cleaning.


Another reason why you should consider buying is because it is equipped with 3 different brush modes: Sensitive, Daily Clean, and Whitening – so that you can choose the mode that perfectly suits your teeth and need for brushing.

With a high battery life that can last as long as 3 weeks, you can use it to brush your teeth without a recharge for a long time.


Price: Ranges from $40 to $50


Philips Sonicare: Philips Sonicare Daily Clean 3100

Sonicare has a wide range of toothbrushes, but the problem is that these are way expensive. Although they do clean your teeth well, they still seem too much in price.

That is why Philips Sonicare introduced the Daily Clean 3100, the best budget sonic technology toothbrush.


Although it is a lot cheaper than its other counterparts, it still uses the same core technology and is compatible with most brush heads, making it one of the best options for you.

Furthermore, the sonic technology produces 31000 brush movements per minute, removing all sorts of plaque and bacteria on and in between your teeth.

Since there is no contact between the bristles and the teeth, it prevents teeth abrasion and keeps them whitened and healthy.


It has an extended battery life of 2 weeks or more, allowing you to use it for long periods without a recharge.

Although it is a really good toothbrush, it doesn’t clean the surface of the teeth as properly as 3D cleaning technology does. However, it is much more effective in cleaning hidden areas and gaps than regular toothbrushes.


Price: Ranges from $40 to $50


Colgate: Hum by Colgate

A simple yet highly effective smart electric toothbrush, the Hum by Colgate is one of the best toothbrushes out there. It is one of the cheapest electric toothbrushes available in the market that also contains smart features but does not overwhelm itself or the user with too many features.


It uses sonic technology that creates 31000 strokes per minute, allowing for proper and perfect dental plaque and bacteria cleaning.

Furthermore, the Hum is ultra-lightweight with a smart app that tracks your cleaning data and lets you know which areas of the mouth you have missed.

With a charging stand, additional brush heads, and a travel pack, it may seem a little high in cost. However, it is probably the cheapest long-term electric toothbrush one can buy.


Price: Ranges from $60 to $70


Of All These, Which Wins?

We compared all the toothbrushes in terms of features, price, and on users, and it is safe to say that the best and most effective toothbrush, which also is the most economical, is the Oral-B Pro 3 3000.

Its features, coupled with the low price, make it the best option for customers on a budget.

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