Getting Beautiful Smiles From the Best Orthodontist in Glendale

When looking for quality orthodontic care, there’s nothing more important than finding the best orthodontist in Glendale, CA. After all, your smile is on the line! Fortunately, this beautiful city has excellent orthodontists who can help you achieve your best smile. When it comes to teeth, you only get one set, so you want to make them last.

After all, good oral health is vital for adults and children; a healthy mouth leads to better overall health and gives you the confidence to smile with pride! So, if you need a reliable orthodontist in Glendale, we’ve got you covered.

Our List of the Best Orthodontists in Glendale, CA and surrounding areas

Children’s Dental Fun Zone

Children’s Dental Fun Zone is one of the most highly-rated orthodontic providers for children, offering a unique combination of superior care and fun. The staff is expertly handpicked to provide your little ones with respect and compassion. To guarantee their comfort, staff provide sedation, games, movies, and prizes to create a pleasant experience for your children. Parents are encouraged to stay with their kids throughout the treatment and ask questions.

This provider is a top-rated pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care provider. They are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality treatment in a relaxed atmosphere so that your child is comfortable and leaves with healthy teeth! At Children’s Dental Fun Zone, they build long-lasting relationships with their patients by ensuring each visit is welcoming and enjoyable – all while giving their smiles an extra boost!

Address: 8525 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone Number: (424) 407-8177

Glendale Orthodontics

Glendale Orthodontics believes in providing a one-of-a-kind orthodontic experience tailored to each patient; the team works hard to deliver top-quality care with the utmost compassion. Open communication is paramount in guaranteeing your peace of mind and confidence throughout treatment – rest assured that you’ll be kept up to date at every step!

The industry’s top-of-the-line treatments and technologies like Invisalign, SureSmile, Damon braces, and more guarantee that you receive the best care. Plus, with customized plans, Glendale Orthodontics can meet your unique needs. In addition, the staff prioritizes putting the patient first and maintaining a friendly atmosphere so that you feel comfortable during your stay. Glendale Orthodontics wants to make treatment accessible for everyone and believes all individuals, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to affordable rates for services.

Address: 1111 N Brand Blvd #201, Glendale, CA 91202
Phone Number: (818) 659 -5378

Hudson and Ho Orthodontics

Since 1934, Hudson and Ho Orthodontics has been devoted to delivering the finest standard of orthodontic care, now providing for even fourth generations of some local families. The practice only provides premier treatments with cutting-edge technology that guarantees precision and expedience. For example, the revolutionary i-CAT FLX grants patients a thorough 3D examination without radiation exposure. And for those seeking Invisalign, gone are the days of tedious molds – now you can quickly receive a digital scan to achieve your dream smile!

Hudson and Ho Orthodontics takes pride in their conservative approach to treatment. Appointments are only scheduled semi-annually if necessary, ensuring that patients receive the safest care possible. It’s no surprise why Hudson and Ho Orthodontics has become one of the most reputable orthodontic providers due to their proven success in delivering exemplary results!

Address: 428 Arden Avenue #101, Glendale, CA 91203
Phone Number: (818) 244-2121

ValleyWide Dental

At ValleyWide Dental, their highly qualified and knowledgeable team brings you comprehensive orthodontic care. In addition, the provider proudly offers superior services to families in Palmdale, customizing treatment plans according to each patient’s needs. They focus on creating healthy, functional smiles with aesthetic results that will last for years. With advanced 3D imaging technology, ValleyWide Dental can accurately assess jaw alignment and tooth position before beginning treatment.

Improving your bite can reduce your risk of developing TMJ and protect your teeth from wear caused by an improper bite. ValleyWide’s professional team also customizes a plan based on patient lifestyle and health needs, including braces, Invisalign®, or ClearCorrect™. If you’re looking for excellent oral health with lasting aesthetics, enjoy a lifetime of smiles from ValleyWide Dental.

Address: 1021 West Avenue M14, Palmdale, CA 93551
Phone Number: (661) 666-2831

Armen Manssourian, DMD

At Dr. Armen Manssourian, DMD’s dental facility in Glendale, CA, you’ll find a seasoned and reliable provider for all of your orthodontic needs. Situated at the Warner West Medical Building in Canoga Park, his practice is managed by exceptional staff trained to provide top-tier services. Dr. Manssourian offers the best care for each patient with personalized treatments and solutions suited to their needs. From orthodontics (Invisalign) to dental implant placement and wisdom tooth extractions, his office provides an extensive selection of services for all ages!

Boasting a wealth of experience in even the most complex cases, Dr. Manssourian has extraordinary treatment success. His enthusiasm for helping people reach optimal oral health drives him to deliver consistent, dependable results. Moreover, Dr. Manssourian and his staff create a welcoming environment that eases patients’ anxieties when discussing their concerns about dental care or alternative procedures.

Address: 1122 N. Brand Blvd Ste. #102, Glendale, CA 91202
Phone Number: (818) 242-2667

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