Best Toothbrush Travel Case Options

There isn’t a single best toothbrush travel case. It is because what we want and desire from a toothbrush travel case may vary significantly from what you require and wish. You may have a manual toothbrush, while we have an electric one.

You could prefer to keep your toothpaste in the case, but we want to keep the brush handle. There are certain general tendencies that we’ve seen. Most of the time, the case’s function is to protect the toothbrush, particularly the bristles, from harm.

Those who own an electric brush may want to have the cover safeguard it from being accidentally turned on while inside a suitcase. Many people also desire a case to keep any remaining moisture on the bristles from going onto other things in their travel luggage.

Many millions of people get by with a tiny plastic or wash bag, but these are not perfect. Cases are available in various forms and sizes from multiple providers. They may cover the bristles or the whole handle while providing storage space for accessories. Some even enable you to charge your toothbrush while it is still in the case.

We’ve got you covered if you’re in a jam. Read our best selections for seven best travel cases for electric toothbrushes that can help you safeguard your health. Also, keep an eye out for the ultimate buying guide, making choosing the best toothbrush travel case much more straightforward.

1. NEXCURIO Portable Travel Toothbrush Case:

The NEXCURIO Portable Travel Toothbrush Case comes in four colors: beige, blue, pink, and green. These rustic toothbrush container tubes are comprised of high-quality PP plastic and natural wheat straw, making them both environmentally friendly and durable.

The case has two ventilation drainage holes and does not trap air while protecting the toothbrush bristles from moisture, germs, and bacteria. This elegant toothbrush holder can easily fit into your holiday luggage thanks to its small form and basic look. It breathes well, keeps the brush dry, and is simple to open and shut.

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  • Provides good hygiene
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Comes in four colors


  • Smelly


2. Hiyoo Plastic Toothbrush Travel Case:

The small toothbrush travel case by Hiyoo is inspired by lipstick’s compact shape and structure and fits easily into any suitcase. The case’s two drainage holes on both ends guarantee optimum ventilation, keeping the toothbrush dry and clean. If you value looks, this case will not disappoint.

Toothbrush Travel Case, Plastic Container Toothbrush Holder Brushes Box Breat...

The toothbrush case is available in six hues, including deep red, deep blue, pink, white, and light blue, and is well-polished and ideal for trips. The spherical tip of the case allows it to simply fit into your luggage, whether camping or on an outdoor excursion with the family.

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  • Convenient for Travel
  • Hygeine
  • Durable
  • Fashionable Outlook


  • Not for Oral B Toothbrush


3. LTGEM Toothbrush Carrying Case:

The EVA used to make this travel electric toothbrush case is of the highest quality. It is intended to hold the Oral-B Pro 1000 and 5000 rechargeable electric toothbrushes. The toothbrush travel case is great for keeping your hygiene goods in place, with a robust outside and a plush inside lined with velvet.

It is semi-waterproof, shock-proof, and lightweight, making it the ideal travel companion. This case also has a 360° zipper for convenient opening and closing. This toothbrush travel case is excellent for long-distance excursions due to its simple design and durable hand strap.

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  • Perfect fit
  • 100% safe
  • Great travel partner
  • Convenient design


  • Too big


4. NewWay Mini Toothbrush Travel Case:

This toothbrush travel case by NewWay keeps your electric toothbrush clean even while you’re not at home. Here’s how it works: insert your toothbrush and seal the cover after the case has been ultimately charged.

NewWay Mini UV Toothbrush Case Rechargeable Travel Toothbrush Case with Stand White

The case will operate for 5 minutes at a time and stop on its own whenever you open it. The result? This UVC toothbrush case disinfects the brush 99.9% of the time, ensuring a clean and fresh brush with each usage.

The NewWay Mini Toothbrush Travel Case also has replaceable batteries, allowing you to wash the case quickly. Furthermore, the drainage holes guarantee that no water remains in the case after usage.

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  • Long battery life
  • Automatic
  • Removable inner box
  • Water filtration


  • Stops working after few uses


5. UCEC Toothbrush Case And Carrier:

This bundle of two plastic carriers can handle more than just your toothbrush since they are bigger and chunkier. Expect to fit a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste inside with enough space to spare.

Each case is 7.7 inches tall and 2.4 inches in diameter. You may even be able to squeeze in an electric toothbrush! The casing comprises two cylindrical sections that come together in the center.

Its rounded form adds robustness to the casing and feels comfortable in the hand if you’re carrying it. There is also a little lanyard/wrist strap if you want to take it from your tent to the showers.

However, the manufacturer UCEC did this on purpose so that the case could use as a cup, so it’s not all bad. We don’t see the point, but you may. Overall, a great product that is large, long-lasting, and lightweight.

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  • Multifunctional
  • Sturdy & Clean
  • Lightweight


  • Toothbrush doesn’t fit due to small size



6. ProCase Electric Toothbrush Travel Case:

Here’s your clue if you’re seeking a durable container to preserve your electric toothbrush. The ProCase toothbrush travel case is built to endure, with shock-absorbing EVA and durable PU leather that prevents damage from drops, spills, dust, and more.

Travel Toothbrush Case and Carrier, 2 Pack Portable Business Trips Wash Cup Holder Organizer for Trips and Daily Use (Green+Pink)

The case’s main compartment has an elastic band to retain the toothbrush. At the same time, the mesh pocket provides flexibility for storing the power cable, toothpaste, and other supplies.

These electric toothbrush travel cases can be washed safely with a washcloth and warm water, protecting it from germs and moisture. The travel electric toothbrush case also has a smooth zipper design for quick access to the toothbrush and accessories and a hand strap for portability.

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  • Great Protection
  • Clean and Hygienic
  • Potable Organizer


  • None



7. Wilken Electric Toothbrush Case:

The Wilken electric toothbrush travel case is your best option since it is made from an injected plastic mold, which is safe, waterproof, and robust. The case comes in various hues, including blue, carbon fiber, charcoal, black, green, and pink.

It also has rounded corners for convenient packaging. It works with Oral-B, Sonicare, and other electric toothbrushes and has room for accessories and small toiletries.

What’s the best thing about this case? It comes with a carabiner for convenient carrying, storing, and hanging. If you are prone to overpacking, this is the case for you. The zipper enables some flexibility to fit your other requirements.

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  • Universal fit
  • Smart design
  • Easy cleaning


  • Barely fits


Buying Guide:


When choosing a toothbrush travel bag, ensure it has sufficient ventilation holes at either end. These drainage holes let air travel through and guarantee that no moisture is trapped within the casing. Because of the excellent ventilation openings, the toothbrush within the case is protected from germs, microorganisms, and other types of bacteria.

Sleek Design:

Because the primary purpose of purchasing a travel case for your toothbrush is mobility, a streamlined design should be prioritized. Choose toothbrush cases with rounded corners that are not bulky. It will allow you to fit the case inside your suitcase or baggage easily.


It is the most critical factor when purchasing a toothbrush travel case. Because the case will often be in contact with water, it must be water resistant. It will guarantee the case has a long shelf life while safeguarding the other contents.

Easy To Clean:

Any amount of standing water is a breeding habitat for bacteria. When buying a toothbrush travel case, look for one made of PU material that you can readily wipe off with a moist cloth. Cleaning a travelling toothbrush holder is critical since it often attracts bacteria. Check that the casing opens and shuts so you can clean it without difficulty.


When shopping for a travel case for your electric toothbrush, keep the battery of the holder in mind. Check whether the case is rechargeable so you may use it several times rather than once. It is also critical that the batteries in the electric toothbrush case be detachable. It allows for simple cleaning of the casing with no risk of shocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Do Toothbrushes Survive On The Road?

Oral B travel toothbrush with case can be taken anywhere thanks to its soft carrying case and watertight lid. There’s a battery life indicator, so you know whether oral b charging travel case needs charging before you leave on your trip, and two weeks of use after a full charge is expected.

Should You Bring Your Toothbrush On Your Trip?

It should be alright if it’s going in a separate packing cube in your toiletries bag. Suppose you are prone to tossing your toothbrush into your luggage. In that case, investing in a sturdy case is generally preferable. Having a case also eliminates the need for a plastic bag that you discard after each journey.

Is A Travel Case Included With Electric Toothbrushes?

Oral-B and Sonicare make separate travel cases for their electric toothbrushes. Many of these oral b travel case and sonicare travel case are compatible with various brush handles. It implies you may purchase a travel case that fits your specific brush model, even if one was not included in the package.


Investing in the best toothbrush travel cases to protect your toothbrush from outside bacteria, grime, or pollutants is essential. These cases protect your toothbrush against airborne bacteria, illnesses, and viruses. These cases also offer enough air, which helps to keep your toothbrush’s bristles fresh and in excellent condition.

You should get casings that do not excessively tug or pull on the bristles. When choosing a toothbrush case, one must consider personal preference and aesthetics. Make sure the case is small enough to fit within your holiday toiletry bags! However, toothbrush cases that are overly stifling and create strong odors should be avoided.




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