Laughland Teeth Whitening Review: Does It Work ?

You must have gone through different Laughland teeth whitening reviews and many tooth whitening kit reviews before, but we can assure you that this masterpiece will clear out all doubts. Let us start.

There are several reasons your teeth may seem duller than they were a few years ago. Much of this is due to your food habits, age, and medications, among other things. Trying to whiten your teeth used to be frightening, from time-consuming dental sessions to the high cost.

Thanks to companies like Laughland, whitening your teeth is now pretty simple. Furthermore, achieving that great Hollywood smile no longer necessitates breaking the bank.

In this Laughland teeth whitening review, we go into the weeds of what this product is all about, how it performs, and how much it costs.

What is Laughland?

Laughland takes pride in being the only teeth whitening solution that is individualized and only gives its customers what they desire. It is one of the best at-home teeth whitening kits available.

It simply takes five minutes a day for at least six days to whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter.


Teeth Whitening Subscription Model

Furthermore, the effects last up to three months. You may sign up for an ongoing subscription for additional whitening gels. Because it personalizes to individual consumers, the firm can quickly provide a formula that works best for your situation, regardless of tooth stains.


When you place an order, the firm will ask you to complete a questionnaire to learn more about your unique requirements and lifestyle.

They will create customized therapy for you based on the information they get from your responses.

Its customization procedure considers details like tooth sensitivity, diet, oral hygiene habits, recent dental work, and more.


But why is all of this significant? In a nutshell, Laughland found a unique method of reducing minor difficulties often associated with LED whitening kits, such as sensitive teeth.

While these solutions are also considered in your dentist’s office, you save time and money. Laughland’s primary selling product is its teeth whitening solution gel. In addition to the gel, you can purchase their to-go pen, which may use to apply the whitening gel when traveling.


Laughland Whitening Kit Review:

Laughland makes it easy to have a whiter, brighter smile without spending a fortune. In this review, we’ll look at their primary product, the at-home whitening kit, and how it works, how to use it, and how safe it is. The Laughland whitening kit includes the following items:

  • A whitening LED mouthpiece
  • Three syringes packed with a whitening solution
  • A power adapter to connect to your iPhone or Android device


Laughland Whitening Kit Ingredients:

Laughland’s whitening gels for the whitening kit and the whitening pen include the following ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, glycerol, deionized water, carbomer, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, polyvinylpyrrolidone, menthol, and triethanolamine.

The primary active whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide.


The technology behind the whitening product is straightforward. Teeth whitening gel is “catalyzed” or “activated” by the LED light when the tray is put in the mouth.

The bleaching agent and hydrogen peroxide molecules cause them to remove stains more quickly and efficiently.


How To Use The Laughland LED Whitening Kit?

When you subscribe to Laughland, you may choose from three beginner gels: Gentle, Every Day, and Super-Strength, according to your current tooth sensitivity and discoloration.

Fill out a questionnaire instead to obtain a custom formula that works best for you right now. Once you’ve received your kit, the procedure is relatively straightforward, and here’s a brief rundown.


1. Brush your teeth to remove any food particles.

2. Squeeze a quarter of the contents of one syringe into the top and bottom of the mouthpiece.

3. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and plug the gadget with your smartphone using the connector supplied, then let the LED do its thing.

4. Remove the gauze and rinse your mouth with water after at least five minutes and up to 30 minutes.

5. Clean the mouthpiece and repeat the process the next day.


For optimal results, repeat this technique for six days in a row. However, it may take longer to attain the desired amount of whitening. Laughland suggests that you whiten your teeth every 2-4 months or as needed.


How Much Does LaughLand Cost?

The Laughland whitening kit costs $100. While the typical cost of teeth whitening is far higher, the Laughland teeth whitening kit offers a more reasonable option for whiter teeth.

It comes with 16 strong LED whitening lamps, 3x the whitening gel, and an adaptor. You may also have to pay $25 for each whitening gel refill with free delivery.


In addition to the original Laughland whitening fee, you may purchase their To-Go pen for $20. This pen allows you to take your customized formula for doing touch-ups on the road.

Compared to the typical industry pricing for at-home whitening kits, Laughland products provide an outstanding value.


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Is Laughland Safe To Use?

For a safe experience, choose a good whitening gel. Laughland can create/select a gel tailored to your teeth based on the information they obtain.

Completing a formula suggestion form on the Laughland website can answer a series of quick questions about how often you brush, how sensitive your teeth are today, and if you have cavities or gum infections.

With this information, the Laughland team can build a custom recipe that will not cause irritation, sensitivity, or harm.


Furthermore, since the gel’s components are all-natural, there should be little to no sensitivity. Over 90% of Laughland consumers report minimal sensitivity during usage.

If you are worried about sensitive teeth, you should see your dentist before starting.

According to the firm, the solution is safe to use with current dental work, such as crowns or veneers; keep in mind that restorations are not meant to be whitened.


Does Laughland Work?

Approximately 75% of individuals who took the product reported a considerable improvement in outcomes.

Some reviewers saw significant changes after one to two applications, while others needed three to six months. Laughland does not provide a money-back guarantee. However, you may change your custom formula if the first results aren’t what you anticipated.

Laughland recommends re-whitening your teeth every two to four months to preserve a dazzling white smile.


How Can We Compare Laughland To Other Whitening Kits?

Let’s compare laughland with other similar brands


Laughland vs. HiSmile:

Laughland and HiSmile feature comparable LED-powered whitening solutions; however, Laughland requires a power source or a smartphone to work, while HiSmile is battery-powered.

Both are comparable in price, have identical treatment durations and outcomes, and have similar return policies.

Laughland’s whitening gel compositions, on the other hand, may be adjusted to the individual, which might be crucial, particularly for individuals with sensitive teeth.


Laughland vs. SuperSmile:

SuperSmile employs a succession of swabs soaked in whitening gel and brushed over the teeth, while Laughland uses an LED-activated mouthpiece.

Both methods take about the same length of time, but. In contrast, Laughland is a six-day cycle. SuperSmile swabs are designed to be used for two weeks, making the therapy a little slower.


Laughland vs. Dr. Brite:

While Laughland and Dr. Brite employ light-activated mouthpieces, Dr. Brite’s wireless whitening kit is much more expensive.

However, Dr. Brite’s website indicates that if you subscribe for recurring top-up delivery, you may save 50% off the purchase price. While the treatment cycle for Laughland is six days, the Dr. Brite mouthpiece may be used as needed.


Is Laughland’s Teeth Whitening Kit Worth It?

Overall, the Laughland whitening reviews are favorable. Most individuals like the ability to tailor whitening to their specific dental condition and the fact that the gel contains mild, all-natural components such as chamomile, menthol, and aloe vera extract.

Most importantly, evaluations indicate that most individuals had a positive experience with this product and would gladly recommend it to others.

Furthermore, the current promotional price of $9 and the ability to create your whitening recipe make this LED whitening kit a risk-free alternative for anyone interested in trying at-home whitening for the first time.





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