Does Novashine Teeth whitening kit works?

After years of yellow-stained teeth, arriving in my new work environment was intimidating because of the white teeth of my colleagues. While I have heard about teeth whiteners, I didn’t really pay attention to them until I decided to check out some of them online. Upon checking out different products, I decided to go with the novashine teeth whitening kit because of the customers’ comments about the effectiveness.


If you are worried about ever getting shiny teeth again, nova smile is a product you should try, and I can confidently say it is among the best teeth whitening products out there. If you need an assurance concerning the nova shine kit, below is a first-hand nova shine review.


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Is Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit Safe?

Novashine teeth whitening kit is 100% safe for your teeth and doesn’t cause any problem as long as you abide by instructions. The product whitening gel formula is within dental-grade hydrogen peroxide, which is the major whitening ingredient. Also, it is produced in an FDA-approved facility.


What does Novashine Do?

Novashine professional teeth whitening kit is specially designed to turn yellow teeth back into sparkling white teeth. It whitens teeth effectively and does not cause gum pains or tooth sensitivity. It has a system peroxide-based gel that eliminates tooth discoloration caused by beverages and foods, including other products.


How Do You Use Novashine?

Before using the novashine teeth whitening kit, once you open the product package, you will see the instructions that provide guidance on how to use it.

Below are the steps:


  • Before whitening, brush your teeth gently and ensure there is no irritation after brushing.
  • Proceed to apply the whitening gel to the upper and lower walls of the mouthpiece. It should be 1mm thick.
  • After that, connect the mouthpiece to the USB attachment.
  • The next thing is to connect a USB (the right one) to the device. The mouthpiece will turn on immediately.
  • Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and wait for 10 – 30 minutes before removing it.
  • After 30 minutes, remove the mouthpiece from your mouth, and then rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece properly.


NB: The part you bite down while using the mouthpiece, ensure there is no gel on the surface. Also, you can apply the whitening gel to your teeth using a swab.


Unlike other teeth whitening products that you cannot use more than two times a day, you can use nova teeth whitening as many times you want in a day. It is safe as long as there is no sensitivity or cavity problem.


Does Novashine Work?

Yes, this product is effective. It works faster, especially if you use it multiple times per day. You will feel confidence more confident after using this product.



How Long Do You Use Novashine For?

For maximum result, leave nova teeth whitening in your mouth for 30 minutes, and ensure you connect it to the right USB cord.


Does Novashine Work Without Gel?

No, it doesn’t! The gel is the major thing that you apply to remove the tooth discoloration, while others assist in helping the gel remove stains. Therefore, do not try to use the system without applying the gel first.


How Often Do You Use Novashine?

During your first time treatment, you should use novashine teeth whitening once a day for the first five days. After then, use it once or twice to maintain the sparkling nova smile.


Can You Use Novashine For Braces?

According to the nova shine kit manufacturers, wearing braces is not ideal or advisable during the whitening treatment. This is because the gel will not get to the part covered by the braces, and that will make your whitening treatment result look awkward.


What Are The Things Inside Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit?

In the nova shine kit are two syringes with 5ml gel each, a teeth shade guide, instruction guide, mouthpiece, LED light, and an adaptor compatible with android and iPhone devices or other charging ports.


Can Guys Use Novashine?

Of course, guys can use it! The men’s nova shine kit is made in a sleek and classic black box. It contains two tubes of 5mL teeth whitening gel, an LED light teeth whitening mouthpiece, and other accessories.


Is Novashine Vegan?

Yes, the ingredients used in making it are vegan!


What Are The Ingredients In Novashine Toothpaste?

The ingredients in nova shine toothpaste are coconut oil, calcium carbonate, peppermint, stevia extract, and tea tree oil.


How Much Peroxide Is In Novashine Whitening Gel?

The teeth whitening gel contain 6% peroxide.


What If I Swallow Novashine Whitening Gel?

Although it is not good to swallow whitening gel, if you mistakenly swallow a small quantity, it would not cause any harm. However, if you swallow a large quantity of the whitening gel, it is likely to cause complications.


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How Do I Store My Novashine? 

Store the gels and mouthpiece separately. The gel should be stored in the refrigerator at a cool temperature, but be careful not to freeze it. Keep the LED light mouthpiece and the adapter in a safe place out of the sun’s reach. At the same time, the kit should be kept safely in the storage bag when you buy the product.


Where Is Novashine Teeth Whitening Produced?

It is produced in the United States!


How Long Does A Tube Of Novashine Last?

It can last more than four months, depending on your use.


How Many Times Do You Use Novashine?

You should use the nova shine kit once a day for the first five days of treatment. After then, once or twice a week to maintain your nova smile.


Where Do I Put Gel For Novashine?

You should put the gel along with the mouthpiece’s inner walls before putting it into your mouth.


How Long Does It Take To See Results From Novashine?

You will begin to see effective results upon your third use as long as you apply it accordingly.


How Long Does Nova Shine Whitening Result Last?

The whitening result can last up to 6 months, depending on the food and drink you take. It can also last up to one year.


Novashine Teeth whitening kit review

The difference between novashine teeth whitening and other products is that tooth sensitivity or gum pains are scarce because the gel does not contain harsh elements.

Therefore, making it one of the best at-home teeth whitening kits that is convenient to use and gives you no reason to worry about health complications.





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