Best Orthodontist Peoria IL – Who Made the List?

A confident smile can make all the difference in feeling good about yourself and making a great first impression. In Peoria, IL, many qualified dental professionals take pride in delivering beautiful smiles and ensuring oral health for their patients. Some of these professionals stand out as exemplary; however, the best orthodontist in Peoria, IL, specializes in skilled and precise treatment that delivers the best result.

These professionals use innovative technology to provide cutting-edge care and consider each patient’s needs for an optimal treatment plan. If you need to find a reliable provider you can count on, keep reading to see why we consider these offices the best in the area.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Orthodontist in Peoria, IL

Orthodontics, Ltd.

Orthodontics, Ltd. stands out as one of the best orthodontists in Peoria, IL, due to its dedication to delivering cutting-edge and successful treatment plans. With a personalized approach to each patient’s treatment plan, Orthodontics Ltd. offers advanced orthodontic technology solutions such as Invisalign and braces with the expertise of their highly skilled Doctors, Schuler and McShane.

To ensure the best results for each patient, the practice offers personalized consultations to discuss individual goals and lifestyles. Additionally, they have flexible scheduling options and payment plans to make treatment attainable for all. Orthodontics Ltd. is committed to superior patient care and has invested in making every visit safe, and all visitors feel at ease.

Address: 2425 W. Cornerstone Ct., Peoria, IL, 61614
Phone Number: (309) 316-7984

Cusack Orthodontics

Cusack Orthodontics is at the forefront of orthodontic care in Peoria, IL. Their commitment to delivering exceptional service and personalized attention sets them apart from their competitors. They created the My Orthodontist app allowing patients to stay informed about their treatment plans, appointments, and account balances on their phones! As a result, it’s never been easier for people living in Peoria to get top-notch orthodontic care!

Cusack Orthodontics prides itself on its friendly and family-like atmosphere, providing braces and expanding retainers to give you a smile you want in no time. In addition, Cusack Orthodontics is stocked with the most advanced technology and amenities, delivering superior orthodontic care that exceeds all industry requirements. They recognize that orthodontic care can be lengthy, but achieving your stunning smile makes everything worth it.

Address: 1324 W. Northmoor Road, Peoria, IL 61614
Phone Number: (309) 693-2499

DeGise Orthodontics

Families in Peoria, IL, can trust Dr. DeGise with their orthodontic care due to his attention to patient satisfaction and commitment to quality service. This is why he proudly displays two impressive credentials: a Certificate in Orthodontics from Loyola University School of Dentistry and a B.S. in Chemistry from Bradley University- testaments to the excellence of his practice!

In addition, his unwavering dedication to unparalleled orthodontic treatment has yielded countless delighted patients, all of whom can now proudly show off their beautiful smiles. Dr. DeGise takes care of his patients and gives back to his community by dedicating his time whenever possible. With extensive knowledge and dedication to lifelong learning, Dr. DeGise is a leader in the orthodontics industry.

Address: 1318 W. Candletree Drive, Peoria, IL 61614
Phone Number: (309) 691-9171

Flynn Orthodontics

At Flynn Orthodontics, they strive to be the best orthodontist in Peoria, IL; their team is passionate about delivering excellent care and results that last a lifetime. The team creates an enjoyable visit for every patient – offering personalized attention in a cozy, family-like atmosphere. The provider’s commitment is to ensure every smile is healthy, beautiful, and unique.

All staff prioritizes patient experience and accessibility with two convenient locations in Pekin and Peoria, Illinois. Not only do their experienced professionals deliver top-notch treatment, but they also stay up to date on the latest technology and advances in orthodontic care. They’ve already implemented digital imaging, computer-aided design (CAD) software, and 3D printing technology to customize treatments for each patient, achieving optimal results with greater precision and time efficiency.

They even use the most efficient appliances available, which are both cosmetically attractive and comfortable for everyone. Everyone deserves a smile that can light up the room, and Dr. Flynn doesn’t think age or budget should be a factor.

Address: 7310 N. Villa Lake Drive, Peoria, IL 61614
Phone Number: (309) 683-2660

Access Dental & Orthodontics

Families can rest easy when they visit Access Dental & Orthodontics. As one of the most respected orthodontists in Peoria, IL, Dr. Tien Phan started the practice in 2006 to provide everyone with excellent dental care. Access Dental has grown to multiple locations since its inception and cares for more than 150,000 people annually. Above all else, the staff prioritizes patient health and creates a welcoming atmosphere encouraging patients to reach their dental goals.

Furthermore, they utilize only cutting-edge technology like digital X-rays, drastically reducing radiation exposure compared to traditional methods. As a result, Access Dental & Orthodontics has established itself as one of the most compassionate orthodontic offices in Peoria, IL, by upholding an unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction and the best treatment.

Address: 3510 N. University Street, Peoria, IL 61614
Phone Number: (309) 306-9033

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