Do teeth whitening pens work on crowns?

The fundamental truth is that teeth whitening pen don’t work on crowns and cannot whiten them, and crown stains cannot be removed using teeth whitening pens.

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Can crown teeth be whitened?

The majority of crowns are formed of porcelain or mixed porcelain.

According to the American Dental Association, whitening procedures do not work on these materials.

They will, however, stay the color they were when your dentist placed them in.

If you discover that your natural teeth are yellowing or growing stains, your purpose should be to whiten them so that they match your whiter crown.


How to whiten a crown tooth?

Because crowns cannot be whitened, your smile will always be as white as your crown.

To guarantee an excellent color match, whiten your teeth before putting on your crown.

Because you have the greatest control before your permanent crown, shade-matching before treatment is the best approach to acquire the results you want.


Why Can’t Crowns Be Whitened?

Crowns are made of many materials such as gold, stainless steel, ceramic, resin-based materials, and porcelain.

While each is excellent for preventing damaged teeth, they are problematic for whitening.

Aside from gold and stainless steel, the other materials are designed to seem as natural as possible.


However, teeth-whitening chemicals do not attach to crowns as to natural teeth. As a result, crowns and teeth do not match.

Teeth can develop discoloring due to extrinsic (outside) and intrinsic (inside) reasons. Extrinsic stains are caused by substances such as smoking, coffee, tea, or berries.


Aging, genetics, and certain medical conditions or prescription medicines are all factors that contribute to intrinsic staining.

Extrinsic stains may typically be lightened or erased by the whitening, while intrinsic stains might be permanent in some cases.


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What causes your crown to appear whiter than your natural teeth?

When a dentist places a crown, they take care to match the color of the natural teeth. Life occurs, and your natural teeth may yellow or discolor over time.

Your crown, however, does not. As a result, it may appear whiter than the surrounding teeth. Fortunately, unlike natural enamel, your crown will not discolor.



How to proceed with teeth whitening:

People who did not whiten their teeth before receiving dental crowns can still do so. The very first step is to consult with a dentist about your alternatives.

They may, however, need to replace the dental crowns to match the freshly whitened teeth. We recommend using these Teeth Whitening Pens for the best results!


The dentist will whiten your smile to the shade desired by you, or you can do this yourself using  Teeth Whitening Pens at home and then get yourself new dental crowns from your dentist. The artificial dental crowns will be linked to create an even and natural-looking smile.


Do teeth whitening pens work on crowns?

Please note that a teeth whitening pen will not work on crowns. A whitening pen can only be used on natural teeth

People must keep in mind that their natural teeth will darken with time.

As a result, it is vital to maintain appropriate dental hygiene and visit the dentist regularly for touch-up whitening treatment.

After a professional cleaning, patients can have their teeth bleached. If this is not done, the crowns will be brighter than the natural teeth.





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