Are whitening pens better than strips?

Choosing to achieve a brighter smile is simple, especially with all the tools available that allow you to do it from the comfort of your home. How do you choose the finest whitening procedure for you? That’s a lot more difficult. Whitening pens and whitening strips are two common options, and while they might provide similar results, they are vastly different items.

This article will evaluate whitening pens and strips. Are whitening pens better than strips? And provide you with enough information to choose which is best for you.


Whitening Pens vs. Strips


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A Whitening Pen is a whitening gel tube with a brush tip. The gel is available in various strengths, and some are peroxide-free to reduce tooth sensitivity.

You apply the gel to each tooth and allow 30–60 seconds before your mouth. Some types need you to wash your mouth or teeth with water after the indicated treatment time, while others disintegrate after a certain period.


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Strips have been around for almost 20 years and are available in various intensities. You can choose peroxide-free products such as whitening pens if sensitivity is an issue.

The whitening chemical is on the strip, so all you have to do is remove the packing and press the strip onto your teeth, starting at the center, making sure it reaches as much tooth surface as feasible.

When your treatment is over, just remove the strips and discard them. Most brands recommend washing your mouth with water to remove any residual whitener.


Effectiveness Comparison Between Whitening Pen and Strips:


When reviewing any whitening procedure, the first thing you should ask is: does it truly work?

Both whitening pens and strips can be effective ways to whiten your teeth, but each has advantages and disadvantages, and none will make your teeth as white as an in-office treatment.

Whitening PensVSWhitening Strips
It can whiten up to nine shades.It can whiten up to nine tones.
Some users utilize LED lights to increase their efficacy.Some people utilize LED lights to increase their efficacy.
There is a lot of space for mistakes.Less effective if your teeth are crooked or misaligned.



Affordability Comparison Between Whitening Pen and Strips / Price:


Whitening strips and whitening pens are two of the least priced at-home whitening alternatives. While pens are frequently significantly less expensive, both are economical solutions.

Whitening PensVSWhitening Strips
Prices range between $8 and $30.Prices typically vary between $20 and $50.
Each pen has about 15 applications.The number of strips in each package varies
No insurance coverage.Insurance does not cover it.
Certain online businesses may provide third-party financing.Certain online businesses may provide third-party financing.


Quality of Ingredients Of Whitening Pen and Strips:


The quality of the ingredients might differ between brands, so select a trustworthy company. If you have any concerns about an ingredient, contact your local dentist to find out if it is safe.

Whitening PensVSWhitening Strips
Sensitivity may be caused by hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.Sensitivity may be caused by hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.
PAP has a lower risk of causing sensitivity.PAP has a lower risk of causing sensitivity.
Alcohol may be present.Glycerin is used as a thickening.
Contains extra flavour.Contains extra flavour
PVP may also be present.PVP may also be present.
Preservatives are used to extend shelf life.Preservatives are used to extend shelf life.

Gum irritation or tooth sensitivity may be an issue for some users, but changing to a lower concentration or using the product for a shorter period each session may assist.



Convenience Comparison Between Whitening Pen and Strips:


You may define convenience as the opportunity to whiten from the comfort of home. Others may find it useful to whiten their teeth quietly while their children are at soccer practice. Or perhaps you want to see results quickly. Both pens and strips have something to offer, whatever you choose to call them.

Whitening PensVSWhitening Strips
Gel is typically used for 20–30 minutes. However, some kinds allow for overnight wear.Depending on the brand and whether there is an LED bulb, you will wear the strips for 5–30 minutes daily.
With the aid of an LED light, treatment takes only five minutes.Strips are disposable,
To improve results, whiten twice a day.Recommend using them twice daily for best effects.
Gel dissolves or is rinsed away with water.Any residual whitener will be rinsed or brushed away with water.
May result in tooth or gum sensitivity.


Comfort comparison Between Whitening Pens and Strips:


Suppose you are sensitive to peroxide (hydrogen or carbamide) or use a strong concentration for longer than suggested. In that case, whitening pens and strips may cause your teeth or gums to become sensitive.

Whitening PensVSWhitening Strips
Dried film seems natural and is not bulky.It may seem strange initially, but most individuals acclimatize quickly.
Generally, whitening gel has little effect on your voice.Leaving the strips on for an extended period might create sensitivity.
Excessive usage might create sensitivity.Can impact your speech because you're used to them.


Treatment Time for both Whitening Pen and Strips:


The length of treatment is based on the intensity of your stains.

Whitening pens take longer to work since the gel is frequently lesser concentrated, and if you don’t apply it correctly, it may wash out before it can remove the stains.

And using a whitening pen without the light can take up to 20 minutes, but an LED light can cut that time in half! Even if you whiten twice daily, full effects may take many weeks.


You’ll use whitening strips for 5–30 minutes every session, depending on the intensity of the gel. Full effects typically take approximately a month, although you may see brighter teeth in as little as a few days.

Every 3–4 months, touch-ups are required. Using an LED bulb also reduces the time you have to wear the strips.


Which One Should You Choose?



Over-the-counter whitening pens and strips are safe and effective ways to brighten your smile.

There are a few crucial considerations while determining which strategy to pursue. Are whitening pens effective? Or are strips effective?


Pens are convenient for rapid whitening sessions but aren’t as efficient as whitening strips. Whitening strips paired with an LED light can produce near-professional results, but they are somewhat more expensive and generate trash, making them less environmentally friendly.



Breathsmile Teeth Whitening Strips Non-Sensitive White Strips , Teeth Whitening Kit 28 Strips Remove Smoking Coffee Soda Stain


Are whitening pen better than strips?


Whitening pens are ideal for those who want to whiten their teeth on the move or who want to touch up their smile between professional whitening appointments.

They are particularly perfect if you have irregular teeth since the gel may be applied precisely where needed.

However, because nothing is holding the gel to your tooth, your saliva is more capable of dissolving it before you get the full benefit.


And if you are really looking for some great whitening pens which work effectively and are perfect for sensitive teeth, you must try out one of these best teeth whitening pens.

They work better than most of the whitening strips out there!





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