Is aura glow teeth whitening pen effective?

Are you looking for affordable and quality teeth whitening pen that works?

The Auraglow teeth whitening pen can be described as one of the top-quality teeth whitening pens in the market today, which should be a must-have for anyone who is looking for a quick and long-lasting result. 

The pen is specially designed for busy people looking for a hassle way to whiten their teeth due to their tight schedule, then get ready to experience the magic power of aura glow teeth whitening pen in just 5 minutes per day.

This pen will keep your teeth shiny whites and looking fresh as long as you observe the aura glow teeth whitening pen instructions. 


Is aura glow teeth whitening pen effective?

Yes. However, the effectiveness of a teeth whitening pen varies for each person. 

In other words, it works according to the number of applications you completed. The more you use the aura teeth whitening pen, the better the outcome. 

 Factors that may impact the results are improper use or lack of frequent usage. 

We recommend using the auraglow whitening pen frequently to achieve the best results. 

Just like the Aura glow teeth whitening kit, the helps to maintain a vibrant, whiter smile in between.


Is auraglow teeth whitening pen expensive?

The teeth whitening pen is actually very affordable, and you can get 2ml for $27 or less

The Auraglow tooth whitening pen provides excellent value and results which worth more than the price. 

If you are planning to purchase the auraglow teeth pen, you quickly visit their website on this address www auraglow com free to make your order.


How do auraglow teeth whitening pen work?

How do auraglow teeth whitening pen work How do auraglow teeth whitening pen work

The auraglow teeth whitening pen works by twisting the bottom to release the whitening gel, which is often referred to as carbamide peroxide, or a mild combination of urea and hydrogen peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide whitens teeth slower, but it helps reduce tooth sensitivity.

One of the significant benefits of using auraglow teeth whitening pens is that they are easy to use.


Do teeth whitening pens expire?

Yes. All the Teeth Whitening Pens have an expiry date of one year from the purchase.

Though they will still be safe to use after this date, however, we will advise you to stop using the product after it expires because they will no longer be effective. 

It would be best to store your teeth whitening pen in a cool, dry environment.



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How long does the auraglow teeth whitening pen result last?

The lasting of the results depends on the individual and the frequency of the teeth whitening procedure.

The majority of people are able to whiten their teeth within 1-2 weeks. The tougher your teeth stains are, the more treatment is required.

You can use the teeth whitening pen up to 2 times a day for a satisfying result. 


How long should I use the Auraglow pen?

I Tried This Affordable Tooth Whitening Pen—Here's What Happened

You are recommended to use the auraglow pen for 6-10 days consecutively to get the best results. It’s also vital to maintain your teeth and avoid staining foods for a period of teeth whitening treatment. 


Can you rinse after using a whitening pen?

No, you cant rinse after using the teeth whitening pen. You just need a thorough brushing, remove the pen’s top cap, and twist the bottom part till you see the whitening gel on the brush tip.

I’m currently using Caliwhite for daily teeth whitening and Aura pen for instant application when I’m going out.


Are auraglow teeth whitening pen safe? 

Aura teeth whitening pen is safe. However, research and clinical studies indicate that a teeth whitening pen using carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is safe for healthy teeth and gums. 

It is vital to follow the whitening pen directions of use supplied for each product and do not exceed the recommended treatment duration. 


What does the research say about auraglow whitening pen ingredients?

Most research available shows initially produced with a 10% carbamide peroxide concentration.

However, there has been no objection to the above report so far that we have come across showing any negativities or irreversible damage to the tooth structure. 

Therefore, Whitening teeth pen-like auraglow teeth whitening pen is absolutely safe for everyone to use.


Can i use a teeth whitening pen while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. Due to the lack of specific research evidence, experts recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid teeth whitening products or any whitening procedures to ensure the baby’s safety. 


What is the ingredient in the auraglow whitening pen?

What is the ingredient in the auraglow whitening pen? AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe Refill Pack, 35% Carbamide Peroxide, (3) 5ml Syringes : Beauty & Personal Care

You might be curious about what auraglow teeth whitening pen is made of! Let’s clear your curiosity, and the product is made up of gentle, cruelty-free ingredients. 

We advised that if you are not sure about what a product contains, please don’t use it.

The ingredients of our Teeth Whitening Pen Glycerin, Carbamide Peroxide (18%), Triethanolamine, Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Juice, and Peppermint Extract.


How to use the auraglow teeth whitening pen?

  • Keep the teeth dry before proceeding with the whitening treatment.
  • The auraglow pen has a dial at its tip to enable you to spill the gel.
  • You are advised to twist the pen a couple of times and apply a thin layer of gel on the front of your teeth.
  • Try to avoid your gum line or lips when applying the gel.
  • We recommend applying it to your front 6-8 teeth, as the back teeth will not be noticed. 
  • For the pen flash treatment, hold a smile for 60 seconds, and then relax.
  • Leave it on the teeth for 15-30 minutes to remove tougher stains.
  • Then, simply brush it off after some hours. 

NB; It’s advised to read and follow the auraglow teeth whitening pen instructions correctly before use to avoid gum irritation or improper usage.



Auraglow at home teeth whitening kit review - 100% works

The above article has enlightened us about auraglow teeth whitening and how we can benefit from it. 

The product provides easy teeth whitening procedures for people with busy schedules who find it challenging to visit dentists due to their work.

The whitening is very easy to use and give instant result, and it brightens your day by giving you white sparkling teeth. 

One of the aspects of the auraglow whitening pen is that It is hundred percent safe, affordable, and effective. 

The auraglow pen is worth giving a try because you will be amazed at the outcome. 

It is such a simple design, flexible and comfortable product that you take anywhere, especially if you are a traveler. You will definitely find this fantastic.

Is aura glow teeth whitening pen effective?
Is aura glow teeth whitening pen effective?



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