Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Vs DiamondClean Smart

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean brushes will offer you a fresh clean every time you use them. The DiamondClean brush range provides an excellent solution to your brushing requirements. However, you have two DiamondClean brush options: the original DiamondClean Classic and the DiamondClean Smart.

Both types provide the brushing help you need and are distinct from one another. Let’s look at how these two Philips Sonicare models vary and whether these versions may be used as a brush in this Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean:

Let’s begin with the Diamond Clean Classic and the Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. For those who want to put in extra time and energy to ensure a clean mouth, the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Classic is an excellent choice.

Closer Stain Bristles Keep The Teeth White:

The bristles in the center of the DiamondClean head provide added force to remove tough surface stains. In the middle, the hairs are pressed up against one other. Deep cleaning with added help whitens your teeth in less time than a manual toothbrush can.

Timing With Ease:

Brushing time is confirmed by the Smartimer and Quadpacer features in your brushing routine. The Smartimer uses a two-minute timer, and the two minutes are based on the average suggested brushing time.

Every thirty seconds, the Quadpacer sends out an alarm. After each alarm, you may travel from one quadrant to the other.

Five Cleaning Modes:

This brush has five cleaning modes to choose from. Among the most common are basic modes and whitening, and sensitive mode is provided for more delicate brushing. This alternative is appropriate for people who may struggle with the extra pressure of an electric toothbrush.

Activating Gum Care increases blood flow to the gums and surrounding mass. The Deep Clean option also includes a three-minute brush that concentrates on the problematic places that need additional attention. This latter option is especially beneficial when attempting to access difficult-to-reach regions.

Sonic Vibrations Make the Difference:

The essential aspect of Diamond Clean Classic is how it employs minor sound vibrations to assist you in getting the most out of your brushing regimen.

The brush’s sonic vibrations cause bubbles to form in the toothpaste. The bubbles will then migrate into the gums and deep areas of the teeth.

The vibration will ensure that the brush is thoroughly cleaned. The brush, in particular, generates around 31,000 pulses each minute. It is equivalent to approximately a month’s worth of brush strokes with a standard manual brush.

Long-Running Battery:

The Sonic DiamondClean Classic has a long-lasting battery that may operate for days after it has been ultimately charged. The battery lasts roughly three weeks and depends on brushing twice daily.

You may check the battery indicator on the bottom of the brush to see when the battery needs to be charged. A charging glass is supplied to assist you in charging the battery in a matter of hours.

Works With Many Handles:

The Sonic DiamondClean brush is designed to work with a variety of snap handles. The company produces a variety of brush heads to meet their requirements.

These include orthodontic heads, sensitive tooth heads, and teeth whitening heads. Each time a brush head has been used for three months, it should be replaced to ensure uniform cleaning.

Easy To Use Interface:

A smooth contoured shape defines Sonic DiamondClean Smart’s physical form. The pattern features a slight curvature in the middle for a better fit in your hand.

Meanwhile, the device’s distinctive button lets you switch it on and off for seconds. The same button may also be used to switch between brushing modes. Examine the display to determine which brushing mode is current. You will understand how to utilize your brush.

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart:

Another option for your brushing needs is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart. The Philips DiamondClean Smart is a little more complex, with exciting features that will make or break your brushing efforts. The most incredible thing is that the design is simple yet includes technical capabilities that make a helpful brush.

Intriguing Controls:

You may change the brushing mode as well as the strength of the brushing movement. There are four brush modes offered for simple cleaning and more.

Its White + option is designed to remove deep stains, and the deep Clean + mode provides a more vigorous brushing motion. Gum Health is an option that focuses on gum massage.

The brush has three intensity levels as well. You may alter the pace of whatever brushing method you want. Each of these brushing options results in a considerable difference.

Simple Interface:

The Philips DiamondClean Smart brush has an easy-to-use UI and different brushing modes and intensities. The brush has two controls that enable you to turn it on, modify its strength, and switch between brushing modes. Matching brush functions provide the additional control you need.

A Helpful Pressure Sensor:

When you brush too aggressively, Philips DiamondClean Smart will alert you. The pressure sensor of the DiamondClean Smart is prominently shown by a brilliant ring at the brush’s tip. The light goes out when you apply too much pressure to your teeth while brushing, and this function protects your teeth from injury when cleaning.

Convenient Charging Glass:

To charge the battery, use the charging glass that comes with the brush. The brush features an indicator that tells you when it needs to be loaded. The battery will last roughly two weeks, depending on how often you brush.

The Philip DiamondClean smart has a USB charging port. The charging point enables you to continue using the current brush load. When used correctly, you don’t need any awkward or difficult-to-position loads on this brush.

Replacement Reminder:

You will get a reminder when the brush head on your Philip DiamondClean Smart brush needs to be replaced. When the brush head has to be replaced, a little light emerges on the top section of the brush base.

Light serves as a reminder to prepare a new brush head. The brush tracks head is based on real brushing time and applied pressure, enabling you to select precisely when to change your brush head.

The best aspect is that the DiamondClean smart comes with various brush heads. For long-term usage, you may purchase three or more brush heads, and the number will change based on your chosen model.

Automatic Setting:

When the right brush head is attached to the top, your brush will also recognize it. The brush will instantly begin functioning in the brushing mode for which the head is specifically intended.

Each of these brush heads can function with the brush’s intensity levels. The favored choice may be adjusted based on your brushing needs.

Timer Functionality:

The Smartimer and brushing stimulator assist you in determining the quality of your brushing. The timer is set for two minutes, the average time you should clean your teeth.

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DiamondClean Classic Vs DiamondClean Smart – Similarities:

Brushing Technology:

In our Sonicare DiamondClean review, you may have noted that all brush heads employ the same technology. Both use sonic technology to generate specific vibrations that regulate the brush speed.

Each brush fires around 31,000 rounds per minute. The energy causes tiny bubbles to form in the teeth and gums. The method works regardless of the toothpaste used.


Guidance Help:

Each model’s Smartimer feature shows you how well you’re doing. You may set the brushing time using the two-minute timer, and the 30-second stimulator indicates how much time is remaining.

The simulator also alerts you when it is time to shift from one portion of your mouth to another. These features operate for two to three weeks before needing a complete charge.


Many Brush Modes:

For your convenience, both models offer distinct brushing modes. The Classic features five brushing modes, while the sonicare smart diamondclean has just four. Both versions are similar because they provide several brushing modes depending on your requirements.

You may use one more to target your gums and increase circulation in this region. Another option treats severe surface stains, resulting in whiter teeth in a couple of weeks.


Improve Your Gums:

With one of these Philip DiamondClean brushes, your gums will be healthier. In just two weeks of consistent usage, you may increase your gum health at least seven times. Each brush has a gum massaging option and a more thorough cleaning mode.

You may employ massage to maintain your gums firm while also strengthening the root structures of your teeth. This increased circulation is required to maintain a healthy smile.


Convenient Travel Cases:

Each DiamondClean brush includes a travel case. The Classic’s simple casing is adequate, while the Smart provides a more sophisticated case with a USB charging port.

The case securely retains your brush, preventing it from moving while you’re driving. Both brushes load Glass at home. Glass charging ports are more aesthetically appealing than drab, outdated ones.


A Great Light Setup:

The lights in each brush provide an attractive and easy-to-read display. The display will show you the brushing mode and whether the battery needs to be charged.

The Smart’s lighted screen is extended with extra lights for its bottom pressure sensor and a complete replacement alert. LEDs give an excellent structure for organizing your brushing efforts.


Many Colors:

Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrushes are available in a variety of attractive hues. The Classic comes in white, pink, amethyst, pink, and black gold. The Smart model comes in white, black, grey, pink, moon blue, and rose gold.

The control arrangement and display features are the same for each color. However, you may choose a hue that suits your tastes, including one that complements the other features of your bathroom.


Sonic DiamondClean Classic Vs Sonic DiamondClean Smart – Differences:

Plaque Removal Effectiveness:

Although both brushes are excellent at handling the plate, the sonicare smart diamondclean is more forceful. The Classic can remove up to seven times the amount of plaque that a manual toothbrush can. In contrast, the Smart can remove up to 10 times its original quantity.

In any case, you will have an easier time removing all of this plate and penetrating the deep zones surrounding your teeth. The difference is due to the acoustic vibrations of both devices.


Pressure Sensor Support:

When you brush too hard, the Smart’s pressure sensor alerts you. However, the Classic lacks this pressure sensor. You must be cautious with any model to avoid brushing too forcefully.

When you brush too vigorously, you damage your teeth and gums and reduce the effectiveness of your toothbrush. Furthermore, high pressure might cause wear on your brush batteries over time.



The brush head is included with the Classic, and you may swap the brush head for any other head in the DiamondClean line. At least three different brush heads, each designed for a different purpose, are included with the Smart. However, the number of brush heads varies for each model.

The Smart 9300 has three brush heads, whereas the 9500 and 9750 versions have four. The 9700 model comes with eight brush heads.



You cannot vary the strength of the brushing action with the Classic. The Smart includes an intensity setting with three different speeds. The brush’s intensity may be adjusted using the control knob underneath the power button.

It is advised if you have sensitive parts of your mouth that need gentle brushing or avoid excessive pressure while brushing your teeth.



Both variants have the same glass charging station, which makes them comparable. The station offers a polished bathroom aesthetic while holding the brush comfortably.

The Smart can utilize a USB charging port, while the Classic cannot. You may use it if you don’t have enough space for the loaded Glass or if you need something quick to utilize on the move.



Smart employs an application coaching program to assist you in determining your degree of brushing. The application reminds you of your brushing habits and what you may do to improve them.

It is a characteristic that the traditional brush does not have. The application coach reminds you to wash your teeth and keeps track of your brushing objectives.



The BrushSync system is back on the Smart to warn users when brush heads need to be changed. The technology keeps track of your brushing frequency.

A small light indicates when the brush head needs to replace. This functionality is not available on the original model. You must thoroughly inspect the brush head if you have a Classic model.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Classic Vs DiamondClean Smart – Which Is Best?

For your needs, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is the ideal solution. Smart provides an improved interface that employs different cleaning modes based on your chosen brush heads.

You may adjust the brush’s strength to fit your habits or when you have specific dental issues that need to be addressed. The design also has a sturdy body that is simple to grasp. When traveling, the USB charging option is handy.

The Smart assists you in removing more plaque than the Classic. Either model will make your gums feel better, but it will be better. Furthermore, Smart has a straightforward UI that lets you customize your brushing experience better. The Smart will assist you with maintaining attractive and white teeth.





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