How Do I Choose an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes have become more commonly used in modern households due to their ease of access and effective cleaning process. How do I choose an electric toothbrush? While these may seem simple to buy, you should be aware of a wide range of electric toothbrushes.


3 Types of Electric Toothbrushes


As of the present, there are three different types of electric toothbrushes:


1. Oscillating Toothbrush

These toothbrushes use a head that moves back and forth on your teeth to clean them.


2. Rotating Toothbrush                                                                                                                                  

A toothbrush that uses a rotating head that moves in circles (spins around) to clean a specific area of teeth.


3. Sonic Toothbrush

It uses an ultrasonic technology that produces high-frequency waves to enhance fluid dynamics that, in turn, allow your teeth to be cleaned more efficiently and effectively.

While all these electric toothbrushes work perfectly, they have different effects on certain types of teeth and gum conditions.

The rotating and oscillating toothbrush helps to clean plaque and bacteria present on the surface of the teeth and in the gums with a low force exerted. In contrast, the sonic toothbrush focuses on ultrasonic waves that do not impact the teeth, preventing abrasion.


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Electric Toothbrush vs. Ordinary Toothbrush

Although many people still prefer using ordinary toothbrushes in the present, however, there needs to be a shift toward electronic toothbrushes if one desires to give their teeth the cleaning treatment it requires. For this, we have put up some of the benefits of the two categories of a toothbrush and why electric toothbrushes come out on top.


Electric Toothbrush

  • Electric toothbrushes tend to remove a higher percentage of plaque between the teeth and gums than manual toothbrushes. Research shows that using an electric toothbrush boosts plaque removal by 20.7%. This indicates that electronic (electric) toothbrushes have smooth operation and ensure higher effectiveness in removing bacteria and plaque.


  • Electric toothbrushes prove beneficial for people with nerve disorders or nerve damage and those who require more fluidity in cleaning their teeth. As electric toothbrushes clean the teeth with the push of a button, they help individuals with limited mobility to have a cleaning experience similar to that experienced by ordinary individuals. An electric toothbrush will surely be of much aid for those diagnosed with arthritis or other nerve degenerative diseases.


  • The lifespan of electric toothbrushes is significantly larger than that of a manual toothbrush. Furthermore, after a set period, it would only require replacing the toothbrush’s brush head rather than disposing of the whole toothbrush. This would, in turn, reduce the costs necessary for maintenance and other cleaning requirements.


  • Electric toothbrushes are more than beneficial in cleaning for people with orthodontic appliances, such as braces. This is because when using an ordinary toothbrush, the device restricts movement and makes it harder to clean plaque and bacteria in the teeth and gums. With an automated electric toothbrush, mobility is increased, and your teeth are cleaned without inconveniences.


  • Another reason why electric toothbrushes are superior oral cleaning tools because they are safer for the gums than ordinary toothbrushes. When using standard toothbrushes, a lot of force is exerted on the gums, which can severely damage them. This factor is nullified in electric toothbrushes that use low energy during cleaning. All the more reason why you should get one for yourself.


  • By observing all these benefits that an electric toothbrush holds, we can conclude that it is indeed one of the best oral cleaning methods. However, there are some aspects where ordinary toothbrushes reign superior.


Ordinary Toothbrush

  • Ordinary toothbrushes are available in every grocery store and supermarket, which makes it convenient for individuals to get replacements easily. This, however, is not true with electric toothbrushes, which you may only find in company outlets or large stores. Hence, ordinary toothbrushes are the way to go for those looking for convenient methods of keeping their orals clean.


  • Ordinary toothbrushes are also cheaper than electric toothbrushes because they are made from suitable and economical materials. While an electric toothbrush costs $35 and beyond, a standard toothbrush would cost around $2.99. The price difference is enormous. However, as you read previously, electric toothbrushes have broad arrays of benefits that make up for the cost.

Hence, electric toothbrushes are the clear winner in this battle, but it all comes down to your preference.


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How to Choose an Electric Toothbrush

Many factors need to be considered when choosing an electric toothbrush. Your choice of an electric toothbrush will depend on its size and stiffness. Choose a size suitable for your oral cleansing.  When it comes to bristle stiffness, I recommend medium/hard type. Extra hard bristle may cause damage to your gum causing bleeding.




This represents the size of the brush head. To ensure a smooth brushing experience, the head’s size shouldn’t be too small or too big, as it might not clean properly. Hence, the size should perfectly fit your mouth.


Bristle Stiffness:

A vital factor to consider is bristle stiffness affects your oral health and cleaning effectiveness. Bristles come in 4 categories: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard.

It is recommended to choose ‘Soft’ since ‘Extra Soft’ would not clean properly. Whereas, if the Hard is not carefully used, it can bruise the gums and roots.

Many other factors exist, but your electric toothbrush must have these requirements to be good enough for oral maintenance.


How to Choose Electric toothbrush

Another factor that may come into play when choosing an electric toothbrush is the overall quality. Buy well-known brands like Oral-B or Philip Sonicare. These brands are great and have a wide range of brush features.





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