What’s The Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9?

Electric toothbrushes are now required for any decent teeth cleaning. Their excellent efficiency and user-friendliness make them a valuable addition to daily life that you should not overlook. Oral-B understands its responsibilities and the high-quality standards in the electric toothbrush industry as a leading producer. We will discuss the Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9.


What’s The Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9?

The business released an inventive new series, the iO series, as early as last year to accommodate the increased demand. The Oral-B iO-8 and iO-9 variants have become popular oral hygiene companions.

However, the distinctions between the models are difficult to discern at first look. The following sections will review the similarities and differences between these toothbrushes.

What's The Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9?

Oral-B iO Series 8:


The Oral-B iO8 is an electric toothbrush with a rechargeable handle, replaceable brush head, travel bag, and full-color display. It delivers excellent cleaning and gentle brushing owing to its micro-vibrations.

Oral-B iO Series 8:


This toothbrush has artificial intelligence that recognizes your brushing pattern and guides you to clean your teeth more efficiently to attain a cleaner breath and healthier gums.

On the other hand, it offers six Smart modes that adapt to you. Its sophisticated pressure sensor tells you whether you’re brushing with enough pressure to avoid bleeding and tooth sensitivity. It’s available in purple, black, and white.


It includes a variety of brushing modes. Brushing modes include daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening, intense, and super sensitive.

This toothbrush has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair it with a smartphone to provide real-time feedback on how effectively you clean your teeth.


Its charging station allows for convenient power replenishment and brush head storage.

Its 2-minute interval timer shows when you have finished each quadrant of your mouth and prompts you to go on, resulting in more consistent cleaning throughout your mouth.


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  • The Digital interface is excellent.
  • The round brush heads clean well.
  • It’s not as noisy as other electric brushes.
  • Battery life.
  • Reminders to stop brushing and relax the pressure.



  • Expensive.
  • Thicker brush heads.
  • Sometimes, the app misses brushing places.
  • The priciest model has tongue-clean mode.



Oral-B iO Series 9:

Oral-B iO Series 9:

In a week, the Oral-B iO 9N uses iO magnetic technology and tiny vibrations to provide further cleaning, soft brushing, and better gums. This feature is exclusive to the Oral-B iO line.

You can control the brushing of all parts of your mouth, obtaining a more thorough cleaning, owing to its 3D technology with AI.

It also has a full-color interactive display to provide the most relevant information, such as the brushing modes and a reminder to change the brush head.


This high-performance brush can clean for up to two weeks. They are available in black, white, and pink to fit your preferences.

It includes a variety of brushing modes. Brushing modes include daily cleaning, gum care, sensitivity, whitening, tongue cleaning, intense, and super sharp.


This toothbrush has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair it with a smartphone to provide real-time feedback on how effectively you clean your teeth.

Its charging station allows for convenient power replenishment and brush head storage. Cleaning your teeth is more accessible, thanks to the two-minute interval timer that alerts you once you’ve completed one quadrant.


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  • Detailed cleaning.
  • Noiseless and effortless progress.
  • Instant feedback
  • Comprehensive statistics of brushing



  • Brushes and heads are costly.
  • Drains the battery


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Key Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9 :

Let’s look at the Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9.

1. Cleaning:

Some electric toothbrushes offer numerous cleaning settings. Although both electric toothbrushes provide this benefit, the number varies. So, with 7 cleaning modes, the Oral-B iO 9 offers additional possibilities. The Oral-B iO 8 only has six cleaning modes.

Some gadgets also include a selection of intensity levels. There is no distinction between the two goods here; in both circumstances, there is just one intensity level.


The technology employed is the same, and both toothbrushes use Magnet Technology.

A feature will also remind you to replace the attachment on both devices. Doctors suggest changing the toothbrush attachment every three months.


2. Pressure Control:

If you use too much force with your toothbrush, you might end up hurting your gums and teeth. Furthermore, too much pressure has an impact on the cleaning outcome. Many electric toothbrushes have impression control to address this.

The Oral-B iO 8 and the Oral-B iO 9 have pressure sensors.


Both toothbrushes feature a visual alert at the same time.

If too much pressure exerts, a light will glow. Both toothbrushes even include a visual indicator that indicates whether the pressure is correct.


3. Timer And Cleaning Time:

Both electric toothbrushes have a timer to ensure proper brushing. For both devices, the recommended brushing duration is 120 seconds. There is also a 30-second timer for both toothbrushes, and the timer works for the two gadgets that vibrate. The brushing time can display on both devices.


4. Display:

Both toothbrushes include a display that displays additional information. These are both colorful displays.


5. App & Smartphone Connection:

Both toothbrushes may connect to your smartphone using an app. An app may provide useful features for your brushing time and technique, and the functions vary here.


6. Battery:

Both electric toothbrushes have a battery life of up to 14 days, making them equivalent in this regard. Longer battery life is especially appealing for travel when power is not always accessible.

However, this is still an issue with relatively few toothbrushes. Some smartphones even have a travel case with a built-in charging capability.


Oral-B iO 8 Vs. iO 9: Key Similarities


What's The Difference Between Oral-B iO8 And iO9?

1. Daily Cleaning:

Both use magnetic technology to clean in an oscillating, revolving, and micro vibrating motion. All three Oral B models offer daily cleaning, sensitivity modes, intense whitening, and gum care.


2. Built-In Timer:

It has a 2-minute timer to remind you of the proper cleaning duration and a 30-second warning to tell you when to switch zones for more effective cleaning.


3. Built-In Pressure Sensor:

All versions have an intelligent pressure sensor that illuminates red when the pressure is too high and green when the pressure is correct.


4. Battery:

These electric toothbrushes include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last more than 14 days between charges. In addition, they have a 3-hour rapid control and a magnetic charging station.


5. Bluetooth Technology And Artificial Intelligence:

The Oral-B iO-8 and iO-0 toothbrushes use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. Also, they employ AI to monitor where the toothbrush is and provide advice on how to clean your teeth effectively.


Conclusion: Which Model Is Best ?

Subtle distinctions exist between the various iO models. However, depending on your perspective, they may be negligible. First and foremost, both versions feature additional color options, and the prices do not vary much.

The travel case with refill is only available on the Series 9N model. Importantly, you can see that as you go through the Series, the more intelligent cleaning options are available. The 8N has six modes, whereas the 9N has 7.

Because they are high-performing, silent, and you have many options, they are all ideal for excellent dental hygiene. When it’s on sale, the 9N Series is the best to buy. If not, think about which one best meets your requirements.





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