11 Best Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush Review

Spinbrush electric toothbrush is one of the most remarkable brands in the industry. Moreover, these electric toothbrushes can effectively remove the plaque, and they need less force while operating.

Some dentists believe that an ordinary toothbrush can provide the benefits of an electric toothbrush.

Still, most dentists emphasize using an electric toothbrush for better cleaning and oral hygiene.

However, only the correct use of both types of toothbrushes is effective.


11 Best Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush Review

We will review some of the best selected spinbrush electric toothbrushes in this piece of writing


Spinbrush electric toothbrush for Adults


Spinbrush toothbrushes come with replaceable heads. Thus they save you a lot. These brushes can rotate and spin at faster speeds of 3900 sweeps per minute. For your satisfaction, spinbrush toothbrushes are recommended by dentists.

Depending on your teeth, they come with soft and medium bristles.


It would help if you did not worry about the battery timings, these brushes come with prolonged battery timings, and extra batteries are also included in the package.

Here we will highlight the features of the best spinbrush electric toothbrush for adults.


1. Spinbrush™ PRO CLEAN Toothbrush

Spinbrush pro clean toothbrush


This is an affordable toothbrush and comes under $10.

This toothbrush is super in performance with its up and down movement and removes 70 percent more plaque than an ordinary toothbrush. It also approaches areas that are hidden by the manual toothbrush.

  • PRO Clean toothbrush comes in white color with blue and gold accents. It has a Softswitch which is resistant to water and can be turned on easily. Water cannot penetrate inside the Spinbrush PRO CLEAN Toothbrush.
  • A replaceable battery is included, which helps you to save money.

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2. Spinbrush™ PRO WHITEN Toothbrush

Spinbrush pro white toothbrush


You can get your teeth white just with a week of usage. The toothbrush head has a unique rotating cup that helps fight the plaque and ensures natural teeth whiteness.

PRO Whiten toothbrush is also equipped with a water-resistant switch, so no worries about water entering the brush’s electric parts.

  • This toothbrush has rose gold and silver innovations.
  • Price-wise it is also quite affordable and comes under $10.

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3. Spinbrush™ CHARCOAL CLEAN Toothbrush

Spinbrush Charcoal toothbrush


This toothbrush is slim in design and enhanced with charcoal-infused bristles. These bristles carry antibacterial properties. Moreover, the hairs are very soft and gum friendly.

  • They can work in both directions with spinning and up-down moving heads. The handle is designed to provide you with a better grip and comfort.
  • They have a longer battery lifespan, and charging is needed every three months. In the packaging, replaceable batteries are also included.

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4. Spinbrush™ PRO+ Gum Health Toothbrush

Spinbrush pro gum health toothbrush


In a clinical study, a comparison was made with a manual toothbrush, and this Spinbrush™ PRO+ Gum Health Toothbrush can effectively remove two times more plaque.

  • Like the other variants of adult toothbrushes by Spinbrush, this one also has a hydro-blocking soft switch so that water and moisture cannot penetrate inside the toothbrush.
  • Bristles are designed to approach the areas like between the gums and teeth. Ordinary brushes usually miss these portions during cleaning.

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5. Spinbrush™ PRO+ Deep Clean Toothbrush

Spinbrush pro deep clean toothbrush


This toothbrush can eradicate the condensed plaque on teeth with 100 percent more efficiency. This is a well-known and effective cleaning tool.

  • This toothbrush acts as a miracle for the adults’ teeth and cleans up the hidden plaque.
  • Due to its long bristles, it reaches the far and unexposed tooth and gum sections and ensures proper and thorough cleaning.
  • Moreover, it also has a secured feature of an anti-hydro switch. Thus it continues to function correctly even in moist and damp environments.


6. Spinbrush™ Dude Perfect™ Toothbrush

Spinbrush dude perfect toothbrush


Like those mentioned earlier, best-featured spinbrush toothbrushes, this piece also cleans up maximum plaque otherwise left by manual brushes.

  • Spinbrush™ Dude Perfect™ Toothbrush is designed with unique bristles and heads so that undisclosed teeth can also get the benefit of cleaning.
  • This variant of the spinbrush toothbrush is perfect for both adults and kids.
  • The proper isolated Softswitch is provided, blocking any water and moisture content from entering the brush’s enclosure.

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Spinbrush electric toothbrush for kids


Now it is very to swipe away the plaque from your kids’ teeth. These toothbrushes work 20% faster, and their oscillation speed is around 3400 sweeps per minute.

Kids can efficiently operate and grip the toothbrush. Spinbrush kids’ toothbrushes are accepted and approved by ADA, as their soft bristles are gum friendly.

Though kid’s spinbrush may not be widely recommended by dentists as Oral B electric toothbrushes for kids, but they work well.


The spinbrush electric toothbrush removes the excess plaque at the gum line from regular brushes. In general, these brushes promote good hygiene for the whole mouth.

It is a challenging task to motivate kids for a toothbrush. But now, electric toothbrushes are considered the right tool for the job.


7. PAW Patrol™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

PAW Patrol kids toothbrush


Kids love to brush with their favorite paw patrol toothbrush. Kids usually use this toothbrush 38% more than the manual one.

  • This toothbrush is supposed to fight the cavities efficiently in the kids’ teeth. Plaque is removed with double efficiency; thus, superior teeth cleaning is achieved.
  • PAW Patrol™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush is powered by a strong battery that gives a reliable backup time.

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8. Jojo Siwa™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

Jojo Siwa kids toothbrush


Another attractive kids’ toothbrush, which is Jojo Siwa™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush, is responsible for developing good cleaning and hygienic habits among the kids.

  • The lower bristles are fixed while the upper ones are moving. The toothbrush is easy to grip due to its ergonomic design.
  • It not only removes the plaque on teeth but also provides a gentle massage for the soft gums. Replaceable batteries are included in the design.

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9. Marvel Avengers™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

Marvel Avengers kids toothbrush


Marvel Avengers™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush is based on the theme of marvel characters, a kid’s favorite. This toothbrush is super cleaner for kids’ teeth and friendly for soft gums.

  • The brush operates with an effective cleaning strategy, thus providing double cleaning efficiency compared to regular toothbrushes.
  • The toothbrush is powered with a battery, and kids usually use this 38% longer than ordinary toothbrushes. The battery timing and usage information are according to the manufacturer’s manual.


10. Spider-Man™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

Spider-Man kids toothbrush


Kids love to watch superheroes, and a similar theme is adopted by spinbrush toothbrush, which uses spider-man as the point of attraction. By using the spider-man theme, your kids can get a lot of inspiration.

  • This kid’s toothbrush gives extra cleaning performance. Due to smaller teeth, the lower bristles are kept fixed.
  • Your kids can quickly grasp the brush in their hands as they come with a comfortable grip. Like many other toothbrush variants, these brushes are also supplied with a set of extra batteries.

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11. Super Mario™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

Super Mario kids toothbrush


It is pretty fun brushing your teeth in the company of favorite characters like Mario and Yoshi. This tooth cleaning tool will boost the kids’ cleaning habits.

  • The kids have soft gums and tiny teeth, so it is vital to take care of both.
  • In the Super Mario™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ Toothbrush, the lower bristles are fixed, and only the upper ones are oscillating.
  • This toothbrush also promotes healthy oral hygienic habits and motivates the kids to use this brush for more usage.

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Pros of Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush

  • Electric toothbrushes are easier to use for people who have some disability like chronic pain or mobility. The micro-moments help brush.
  • The kids love the engaging and attractive characters on the toothbrushes. The kids spend more time brushing than with usual manual brushes. Some parents usually play music to stop the kids from brushing.
  • The electric toothbrushes are better plaque removers. Their oscillation and rotational techniques are based on the research of experts. Thus, they help in thorough cleaning and protect the gums.
  • The proper usage of an electric toothbrush will help you promote overall oral health. It will not damage the tooth enamel or hurt the gums.
  • Some toothbrushes have built-in timers so they can turn off automatically, which helps in following the tooth cleaning guideline quickly.


Cons of Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush

  • The main downside is the use of batteries. The electric toothbrush also works as manual brushes, but they will not help people with disabilities.
  • Some models of electric rechargeable brushes are pricy. The meetings containing disposable batteries are low in price, but you need to change the batteries frequently.
  • Electric & rechargeable brushes need proper maintenance. It would help if you changed brush heads regularly. Moreover, the batteries are also required to replace. During outside and travel, if the head needs to replace, you may have to find the appropriate match.



Purpose of spin in spinbrush toothbrush


The spinbrush toothbrushes do not rotate in a complete circle because they will damage their bristles and provide less effective cleaning. The brush heads oscillate in back and forth direction to provide better cleaning.

For optimized teeth cleaning, the dentist recommends using the brush for at least two minutes. The spinbrush toothbrushes contain a special hydro-blocking switch that stops water and moisture from getting inside the bush.


The average time of battery backup

The battery is expected to last up to 4 to 6 weeks when used two times daily.  Generally, the product is not quite sustainable as it requires replacing batteries. It’s not rechargeable just like other electric toothbrushes.


The replaceable spinbrush toothbrush heads


You can also replace the head of the clean charcoal toothbrush. The replacement heads come with the following variants of the spinbrush toothbrushes.

They include PRO CLEAN, PRO WHITEN, and PRO+ items. They can be purchased in two packs.

It is better to change the toothbrush head every three months of usage as the bristles tend to fade, and they cannot provide the optimum efficiency.


Difference between adult and kids’ spinbrush toothbrushes

Both toothbrushes’ purposes are the same, except the kids’ brushes are designed with smaller heads, and their handles are also small. In kids’ meetings, the bristles are stationary and moving to provide better cleaning, remove plaque and minimize tooth decay.

Kids are motivated to brush their teeth by different influencing characters. The doctors recommend the kids have to brush their teeth at the age of 3 and above. In kids’ toothbrushes, the bristles are made soft so that their gums will not be damaged.



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