Do dentists recommend Oral-B or Sonicare?

Dentists recommend many toothbrush brands including oral-b and Sonicare. However, Oral-b toothbrushes are recommended mostly by dentists worldwide due to their better cleaning.

They are midrange toothbrushes and are popular as well. Head size oral-b brushes come in small sizes and have better features; thus, they are more effective cleaners than Sonicare.

Since both companies’ products provide some great features, the competition is fierce among them.



Do dentists recommend Oral-B or Sonicare?


Yes. Most dentists recommend their patients use Oral B or Sonicare for better cleaning, but it depends on the area of application that determines which brush to recommend.

This article will present a comparative analysis of both products and the most recommended to help you make an informed decision.


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Feature Analysis of Oral-B vs. Sonicare, which cleans better


Here we will elaborate on the best features of both the brands.

Features of oral-B

Oral-B has included some outstanding modern features in its products, like LED sensors and color display by using iO9.

The most liked enhancement is the inclusion of seven different ways of tooth brushing. For Example, the seven different cleaning modes are

  • Daily clean
  • Sensitive gum care
  • Tongue cleaning
  • Whitening mode
  • Intense cleaning
  • Cleaning of super sensitive teeth.


If you have some bleeding gums, then the super sensitive teeth cleaning mode is recommended. If you want to have a perfect clean tongue, switch to tongue cleaning mode for best results.

By using iO9 model, you can connect the toothbrush with your smartphone and track real-time data.

The remarkable feature of oral-B is the addition of an automatic internal mouth tracking system which helps in better cleaning of invisible areas as well. The heads of Oral-B brushes are pricy, so replacement becomes costly.


  • Oral-b brushes come with visible pressure sensors
  • Easy and quick charging options
  • Magnetic technology certifies a professional oral cleaning
  • The 3D tooth cleaning mechanism is your best guide
  • They have a built-in timer
  • Brushes come with special-purpose mode settings
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Come with many colors to choose


Features of Sonicare


In the line of struggle, Sonicare competes fiercely. Like the modes in Oral-B toothbrushes, you do not need to select them in Sonicare manually.

There are sophisticated sensors that automatically detect which method is suitable and best for you.

You can also get a report of tooth-cleaning progress via the android app. The routine-based usage of Sonicare can result in the improvement of oral health.


Like any other toothbrush, in Sonicare, replacing the brush head is done frequently. However, the meeting comes with a useful intelligent sensor that alerts you when pressing too hard. Some highlights of the Sonicare features are,

  • They are proven to improve the oral health
  • You can get the results in just a week of usage
  • BrushSync technology is useful in the automatic selection of mode
  • Gives you an alert when you press too hard
  • Signals you when you need to replace the brush head
  • For the tongue care, there is the specific brush head
  • There are five modes of brushing
  • Smart sensors are built-in
  • Longer battery life of 14-days
  • The app is used to get the progress report


Oral-b genius or sonicare?


Looking at the features of both toothbrushes, the answer to the above question is tough as both brands have presented advanced and smart features in their recent products.

However, in the light of recent advancements, Sonicare’s features outweigh those of oral-B. Auto-selection of mode, pressing too hard sensor, and workable teeth whitening during brushing are some of the outstanding features.


Battery review, Which is the better electric toothbrush, Oral-B or Sonicare?


Both Sonicare and Oral-B come with a chargeable battery. In the appliances like these, charging and battery timing often become a headache.

We will compare the batteries of both to decide which has a longer lifespan.


Oral-B battery

In every model, the battery is different so does its life. But in general, the batteries of Oral-B are annoying and troublesome. The batteries used in Oral-B are short-lived.

The average last time of Oral-B battery is typically 7 days.


Sonicare Battery

The extended battery life makes this brand the optimum choice over its competitor. The battery can last for 15 days, even twice-daily use.

In addition, the battery life is expected to last for years before replacement. So you can save time and money, and you are free from trouble.


Oral-B vs. Sonicare battery life


Comparing oral-b vs. Sonicare battery life, Sonicare has the upper hand. The battery timing is much higher and can withstand for years before replacement. Quality comes with a price; the Sonicare toothbrushes are costly in terms of batteries.



Brush beads evaluation


Like many other toothbrushes, Oral-B and Sonicare head replacements are needed to be done regularly. Below we will evaluate the performance of both of the brush heads.


Oral-B brush heads

The circular brush heads in Oral-B usually rotate from left to right. This oscillatory motion removes the accumulated plaque effectively.

The other great feature is the pulsating motion of oral-b brushes; they make sure to clean the areas where normally the bristle cannot approach.

Some oral-b brush heads are smaller in size. They are easy to use and can reach every mouth corner. In terms of head, oral-b products are extremely useful and comfortable.


Sonicare brush heads

In the race of brush heads, Sonicare is the runner-up. But still, they are good for working and make your teeth refreshingly clean. All of the Sonicare brushes follow the back-and-forth movement pattern, the sonic motion.


They have also included non-contact cleaning, which is a pulse feature. These heads clean up the plaque, normally skipped by ordinary brushes.

The Sonicare brush head is suitable for people with braces. 

The size of the brush is a large oval shape which helps in multiple teeth cleaning. However, the brushes are harder, making their movement difficult compared to Oral-B brushes.


Oral-b vs. Sonicare brush heads

Here oral-b is the winner. The choice of a larger or smaller brush head depends on the size of the mouth and brushing habits. Both companies have included the feature of non-contact cleaning and pulse function for deep cleaning.

However, in oral-b, minimal effort is needed, and the brush head is made quite soft and mouth friendly.


Do dentists recommend Oral-B or Sonicare?


By Looking at Oral-B and Sonicare features above, it is rightfully said that both are in close competition, and no one is the outright winner.

So it depends on the user’s choice how he wants to maintain good oral hygiene.

However, both come with modern features and timers and have slim designs. The size of the head in oral-b is smaller, which generally provides better cleaning around corners, thus recommended by dentists.



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