How much should I spend on an electric toothbrush?

Not an easy decision how much we should spend on buying an electric toothbrush since electric toothbrushes come in a wide variety. We recommend that you not go for a higher price, always think about the quality.


How much should I spend on an electric toothbrush?


The high price of electric toothbrushes does not exactly mean that they are superb as well. Sometimes, a toothbrush worth $50 surpasses the one for $100.

Below we will tell the best aspects that you should look for in a toothbrush before making a deal.



Features to look in an electric toothbrush

Do you need an expensive toothbrush? The following are the primary features that will decide;


Brushing modes and heads

The important thing we should consider when buying an electric toothbrush is the mode. The modes are responsible for doing a customized job of oral teeth cleaning . Similarly, the type of head is also a primary concern for us due to teeth sensitivity.


The modes are as per the needs of the people; for instance, some have sensitive teeth and gums, the people with braces, some guys want to clean their teeth deep while some want to get rid of plaque, and some want sparkling white teeth. For all these types of cases, various brush modes and heads are available which can be selected.


Smartphone connectivity

We always want to keep track of our oral hygiene activity. Smartphone connectivity is one of the great features of an electric toothbrush. When we connect the toothbrush with the smartphone application, we can see which portion of our oral cavity needs cleaning.

This type of connectivity and record-keeping help us to maintain good dental care as we get real-time guidance and help you get better results.



When you pay for more, look for the following accessories in your electric toothbrushes. The travel cases or glass tumblers are the decorative additions of the best value to your money.


Why are electric toothbrushes so expensive?


Why are electric toothbrushes so expensive? The answer to this question depends on many factors. They are battery life, speed of the motor, and some added features. Moreover, these same aspects tell us whether buying an electric toothbrush is worth it or not?


Battery Life

The battery is the essential component in an Automatically powered toothbrush. If the toothbrush is cheaper, there are more chances that the batteries will not give you the required backup.

In addition, battery failure can occur, which compels us to buy new batteries. Thus, increasing the overall cost of the toothbrush in long run.


How much should I spend on the electric toothbrush? The answer is I have to spend according to the quality and specs.

So if I am purchasing a good quality toothbrush, the price may be higher, but it is for one time. Similarly, if these specifications are coherent with my requirements, I have to go for a pricy toothbrush.


Motor Speed

Good quality toothbrushes can give us a high speed of about 30,000 strokes per minute. This higher speed is needed for better cleaning of teeth. On the contrary, the lower market toothbrushes cannot provide the desired cleaning. So toothbrushes with high motor speed are also worth buying.


Moreover, some additional features are being carried in an electric toothbrush nowadays.

These include pressure sensors, timers, and an LCD (which enables you to determine the cleaning positions inside the mouth). Due to the added tech, these brushes come at a high price.


Cheap toothbrush options

Technology has done an excellent job for us if we cannot plug into a costly electric toothbrush. Nowadays, their many cheap, yet quality electric toothbrushes available, so you do not need to spend more cents. Below we will list some good inexpensive electric toothbrushes.


Philips Sonicare DailyClean 3100: The best budget sonic toothbrush

Philips Sonicare DailyClean 4100: The best budget sonic toothbrush

Philip Sonicare goes for $40; this great toothbrush has a universal head attachment feature.

This toothbrush initiates from lesser strokes in the first week and then accelerates to 30,000 strokes per minute. In this way, our gums and teeth become used to the brush’s bristles.


Oral-B Pro 3 3000: The best affordable brush

Another tremendous affordable toothbrush is the Oral-B pro 3 3000 which goes for $89. This toothbrush has an excellent grip and has three modes: routine cleaning and whitening for sensitive teeth.

Meanwhile, the brush delivers an exceptional battery life. The availability of Bluetooth and intelligent features are marvelous.


Ordo Sonic+: A serious challenger to the big-name brands

This budget toothbrush goes for $50. Unlike many cheap alternatives, this toothbrush possesses some stunning features. These significant aspects make this an affordable choice for most people.

The toothbrush works like a pro with four brushing modes: cleaning, whitening, gum massage, and sensitive teeth. The toothbrush is sleek and has a firm rubber grip.


Philips ExpertClean 7300: The best sonic toothbrush

Phillips expert clean 7300 is a mid-range toothbrush costing $100. The price seems slightly higher than the previous models, but this tool acts as a high-tech cleaning machine.

The toothbrush delivers the optimum performance backed by a smartphone application.

The brush is highly comfortable and equipped with pulse alerts to provide a comfortable cleaning experience.


Oral-B Pro 2 2500N: The decent-value budget toothbrush

In our presentation of cheap and quality toothbrushes, this one is in the lowest range. It comes only $24, and it is one of the best brands of Oral-B.

This intelligent toothbrush comes with many valuable modes and contains floss action heads.

The brush can deliver 40,000 pulses and 8,000 oscillations per minute which are significantly higher in this price range.


How much should I spend on an electric toothbrush?


Wrapping up the discussion, we concluded that electric toothbrushes are an excellent alternative to manual toothbrushes.

Now they come in different varieties, and we have to choose the best that possess good qualities and are under an affordable price tag.


We have established that not every pricy toothbrush is worth buying as it may lack the features we need. However $50 – $100 is considered average price you should consider to spend on an electric toothbrush.


On the other hand, not every cheap toothbrush contains the features of a professional one. So, when buying these electric toothbrushes, we have to follow a set of guides that we have elaborated on earlier.

Finally, we have shared some of the best under-budget electric toothbrushes that are the best market competitors and carry outstanding individualities.





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