What is the purpose of flossing your teeth?

The importance of flossing teeth cannot be left out when it comes to oral hygiene. “should I floss regularly?” is probably a question most people ask every time they visit a dentist. And that’s because flossing teeth comes with lots of benefits. 

Many people dislike the feeling of putting a piece of floss among their teeth and, as a result, skip flossing as part of everyday teeth cleaning practice.

However, just cleaning your teeth isn’t always enough to remove bacteria and prevent cavities.

The ADA (American Dental Association) advised that brushing your teeth twice a day is an excellent starting point, but many people fail to floss at least once a day.


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Why is flossing teeth so important?

A lot of people ask this question. Flossing is essential for good oral health. Floss is an interdental cleaner, meaning it is specifically designed to clean the areas between the teeth.

A toothbrush is typically used to clean the teeth and gums’ exterior surfaces. Those corners and crevices are left un-cleaned if you only brush your teeth.


Does flossing make a difference?

Consider a carpet before and after it has been vacuumed. Although you may not be able to notice the dust and filth, once cleaned and the dirt and dust are eliminated, the carpet seems brighter. Flossing works on the same premise.


7 most essential purposes of flossing your teeth


  • Keep your gums healthy.

Plaque and bacteria can readily pile up when flossing is neglected. If they are not frequently removed, germs will gradually start to damage gum tissue, which will only get worse as bacteria levels rise.

If left untreated, this can cause Gingivitis, a periodontal disease characterized by red and puffy gums that bleed readily. Flossing keeps your gums healthy.


  • Keep your teeth healthy.

In addition to creating irritation, bacteria between your teeth will eat away at your tooth enamel and result in a cavity. Flossing will eliminate this plaque and help avoid the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Flossing regularly is an excellent technique to inspect your mouth for possible cavities and inflammation or redness. It will help brighten your teeth by cleaning teeth and excess food that you may overlook in a mirror.


  • Defends against additional diseases

Bacteria that live and grow in an unhealthy mouth can affect the rest of your body organs if left untreated.

Gingivitis can enter the blood circulation and spread to other body regions, causing heart disease, lung problems, and diabetes. Flossing takes only a few minutes from your day yet has significant long-term health advantages.


  • Beneficial to your overall health

Although brushing your teeth after every meal may be inconvenient, flossing after a meal is simple and can be done anywhere. Regular flossing helps you practice good hygiene practices, but it can also help you keep a balanced diet and lifestyle by making you less likely to snack after eating.

Dentists recommend flossing once a day after brushing to remove any food and plaque accumulated over the day.


  • Flossing and brushing work better than brushing alone.

Many individuals believe that simply brushing their teeth is enough to maintain dental health, but including flossing in your habit will provide you with ideal outcomes that brushing alone cannot provide.

According to the American Dental Association, flossing before brushing improves brushing effectiveness.

Because there is less plaque between your teeth, fluoride in toothpaste can reach more areas of your teeth.


  • Flossing can help you save money.

Health-care expenses are rising, while insurance benefits are dwindling. Patients will have to pay extra pocket for visits to doctors and other healthcare providers.

You are less likely to require costly treatments if you take preventative measures, such as making flossing a routine.


  • Provide Whiter teeth

Flossing your teeth can help them look brighter by eliminating plaque and extra food particles that you may not notice in the mirror or regions where your toothbrush does not reach.

If you’re considering utilizing a tooth whitening agent, try recommending daily flossing and twice-day brushing using whitening toothpaste.

Often, this will enhance the appearance of discolored teeth.


Hopefully, this list has encouraged you to reintroduce yourself to the forgotten floss in your bathroom cupboard. Place it on the bathroom sink to serve as a reminder to floss until it becomes second nature. Have fun flossing!


How much flossing is too much?

When you floss too forcefully or apply too much pressure to your gums, they might bleed and become uncomfortable. Over-flossing might eventually ruin the gum line.

Dentists caution that flossing more than thrice a day if done incorrectly, can cause significant harm to your gum tissue. Too much flossing might damage the gum line and reveal more of your tooth’s root.


What will happen if I do not floss?

  1. Gum Bleeding
  2. Tartar Deposition
  3. Halitosis (bad breath)
  4. Tooth Loss Earlier Than Expected
  5. Pregnancy Issues
  6. Yellow Teeth
  7. Cavities


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How to floss correctly?

Flossing guidelines

  • Take around 16 – 24 inches of dental floss and cut it in half. To grasp the floss correctly, wrap most of it around both of your fingers. Only around 1 to 2 inches of floss should be left for your teeth.
  • Then, using your thumbs and middle fingers, pull the floss taut.
  • Insert the dental floss between two teeth. Slowly move the floss up and down the tooth, rubbing it on both surfaces. Glide the floss between your teeth, not into them. Your gums may be scratched or bruised as a result of this.
  • Curve the floss around the tooth’s base to produce a C shape as it reaches your gums. This permits the floss to enter between your teeth and your gums.


What are the best water flosser tools to buy?

There are hundreds of teeth flossers out there to buy. We recommend buying brands like Oralfy water flosser and Waterpik cordless express water flosser, which are the best tools available on Amazon and Walmart.

Other brands to consider include;

  • Listerine Ultraclean Dental
  • Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection
  • The Humble Co. Natural Dental Floss Picks
  • COCOFLOSS Coconut-Oil Infused Woven Dental
  • Dr. Tung’s Smart
  • Oral-B Super Floss Threaders



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