20 Advantages & Disadvantages of an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush could be the answer if you want to improve your dental health but don’t think you’re very good at cleaning your teeth.

There are various reasons why someone may prefer an electric toothbrush to a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes have numerous advantages and disadvantages.


For many people around the world, brushing their teeth using a manual toothbrush is the most popular method.

As a result, individuals have been unable to comprehend the benefits of using an electric toothbrush to brush their teeth.


On the other hand, others believe that using such technologies to perform manually attainable hygiene is highly problematic.

Which is better, a normal toothbrush or an electric? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of using an electric toothbrush.


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10 Advantages of an Electric Toothbrush ( Do they clean better?)

10 Advantages of an Electric Toothbrush ( Do they clean better?)

As one might expect, electric toothbrushes offer certain distinct and beneficial characteristics. The following are some of the advantages of electric toothbrushes you may notice:

  1. Better than manual toothbrushes:

According to the conclusions of a new study, electric toothbrushes clean teeth and gums far better than manual toothbrushes. Scientists discovered that those who use an electric toothbrush had healthier gums, less tooth decay, and preserved their teeth for longer when compared to those who use a manual toothbrush.

  1. Plaque removal is more effective  (if used correctly)

There is not enough research to assert that newer toothbrushes, such as electric toothbrushes, are advantageous. However, studies published in prominent journals demonstrate that plaque can be removed more effectively with electric toothbrushes.


  1. Abrasion from the toothbrush is reduced.

This is another key advantage of using an electric toothbrush because this electric-powered toothbrush does the majority of the job; it has a lower tendency to brush more than is necessary, which can lead to toothbrush abrasion.


  1. Fluoride delivery is improved.

Electric toothbrushes can help distribute fluoride more evenly across the mouth despite the need for additional testing.


  1. Special features are pre-installed.

Pressure sensors and brushing times may be included in the design of these toothbrushes, which should help individuals brush more effectively. Some designs also include ultraviolet sterilizers, which should make cleaning tools much easier to maintain clean.


Most rechargeable electric toothbrushes feature built-in two-minute clocks; some even have professional timers that divide each quadrant into 30 seconds to help you stay on track.


  1. It May help you focus better while brushing

People were more attentive when cleaning their teeth with an electric toothbrush, according to at least one studyTrusted Source. This improves people’s overall brushing experiences and may improve how well you wash your teeth.


  1. An advantage for disabled people as they will find it easier.

The majority of the job is done for you by electric toothbrushes. They may be beneficial to persons who have limited mobility, such as those who have:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Developmental difficulties


  1. Fun for children

Brushing one’s teeth isn’t something that all children like doing. If your child enjoys using an electric toothbrush, it can help them maintain good dental hygiene and establish healthy habits.


  1. Gum-friendly

A unique advantage of using an electric toothbrush is that it’s gum friendly. An electric toothbrush, when used properly, should not harm your gums or enamel, but rather support overall oral health.

People who wear orthodontic appliances may see an improvement in their oral health.


  1. Helpful for those with orthodontic appliances:

Electric toothbrushes were shown to be particularly beneficial for those with orthodontic appliances, such as braces, according to one studyTrusted Source, since they made brushing easier.

Plaque levels were similar in adults with appliances who already had good oral health, whether they used an electric toothbrush or not.

However, if you are getting orthodontic treatment and find it difficult to keep your mouth clean, the electric toothbrush can help improve your oral health.


 10 Disadvantages of an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have several benefits, but they also have some disadvantages to consider. So many people inquire why electric toothbrushes are bad?  Here are a few answers:


1. Highly expensive

In general, the use of such toothbrushes can be somewhat extravagant. This is because replacement heads are often more expensive than conventional toothbrushes.

A spin brush may be a better option than electric toothbrushes. Overheating is one of the problems that should be avoided at all costs.


2. The Breakability of Electric Toothbrushes

When manual toothbrushes break, the only option is to replace them with new ones, which can be purchased for less than a dollar. On the other hand, an electric toothbrush can cost you more than a few dollars if it breaks or runs out of battery.


3. Vulnerable to harm

Brushing more than three times a day is not recommended; it causes more harm than good. Too much brushing can deteriorate tooth enamel and cause gum disease.

You may injure your gums if you use too much force or a hard-bristled brush. Allow the bristles to do the work while you guide the brush along its course.


4. It is a little challenging for kids

In most cases, a normal toothbrush will clean your teeth more thoroughly than an electric toothbrush. This is especially true for children who do not understand how to use an electric toothbrush effectively.

In some circumstances, it may be more challenging for their small hands to grip and follow the proper tooth brushing methods. On the other side, this sort of toothbrush may be excessively forceful for children in particular situations.


5. Purchasing the wrong toothbrush

Best electric toothbrush? Electric toothbrushes are not all created equal. Make sure the brush and the electric head both fit properly in your hands and in your mouth. Brush with soft-bristled brushes to avoid damaging your gums.


6. Not brushing for a long period.  

Brushing for two minutes is recommended by the American Dental Association. Although most electric toothbrushes feature a timer, many still wash their teeth too early. Make sure you use the timer to determine if you’ve brushed for long enough.


7. Use your toothbrush head excessively.

Replace your toothbrush head every three months. It’s time to replace any bristles that are frayed or damaged; they’re useless when brushing your teeth.

Many brush heads are color-coded, with bristles that fade to white when it’s time to replace them.


8. Finding the right replacement:

Finding suitable replacement brush heads is not always easy or convenient, as not all stores carry them, and your local retailers may not carry the suitable brand.

You can buy them online, but this isn’t always easy, and it’s not a good alternative if you need a replacement head quickly. You can store up and have enough for a year or more, increasing your upfront costs.


9. Not so comfortable:

Not everyone likes the vibrating sensation, either. Furthermore, electric toothbrushes cause a little more saliva movement in your mouth, which can be messy.


Is it OK to use an electric toothbrush every day?


Many people brush their teeth too forcefully, which can cause irreparable damage to tooth enamel and irreversible receding gums.

Brushing more than three times a day will wear down the enamel on your teeth, so don’t do it. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, but no more than three times.




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