Can you share a Waterpik Water Flosser?

Waterpik water flosser is an incredible thing that dentists recommend for oral hygiene. It is a handheld tooth plaque removal device that does wonders when you use it at least once a day. The people who use this magical device know its worth very well.

Have you used this incredible dental hygiene device before? Do you want me to buy a water flosser for you? If yes, you must be thinking about a natural question can you share a Waterpik water flosser with anyone in your home? It is a genuine question and must be adequately addressed.

By seeing the wonders of this effective mouth cleaning device, you must want to recommend this to others, like your family.

Since it is quite expensive, people usually don’t buy more than one. They consider sharing a single Waterpik water flosser with everyone. They make mistakes here.


This article is a complete guide for you. Read it to get complete information on whether you should share a water flosser or not.


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Is there 2 person Waterpik I can share?

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There is no Waterpik for two or more than one person. If you wish to share your Waterpik with more than 2 people, consider buying extra Waterpik tips while you share the flosser among yourselves. For health reasons, do not share your Waterpik tip with anyone.


Waterpik water flosser is incredibly great; can you share it with others in your home?


Waterpik water flosser is worth buying that works incredibly for your oral hygiene. Before asking whether you can share a water flosser with anyone in your family or not, answer a question.

Can you share your toothbrush with anyone else in your family? Surely, you don’t share it.

The mouth is one of the sensitive body parts that can be a path for many diseases and germs to pass in the body. It requires too much hygiene and bacteria protection. You cannot use anyone else’s mouth brush; similarly, no one can use your mouth brush.

When we talk about Waterpik water flosser sharing, you have to consider many things.

First of all, let’s get to know about the essential parts that a Waterpik water flosser contains.


Parts of Waterpik water flosser

Waterpik water flosser is one of the advanced mouth cleaning devices. It contains the following main parts.

  • Housing unit
  • Water reservoir
  • Handle
  • Tip

All these arts get to assemble for a water flosser. It is vital to keep all these parts clean. The tip is the most important part of a water flosser.

It is the point that you enter the mouth. You can say that tip is a toothbrush. Can multiple people use water flosser tips? The answer to this question is a plain no.


So now there comes the answer to your firstly asked question can you share the Waterpik water flosser?

You can share those parts with others that are not required to be in your mouth. You can’t share the tip of the water flosser with others.


If you cannot buy a separate water flosser for everyone in your home, try to buy a Waterpik for multiple users with multiple tips.


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Why can’t same Waterpik water flosser tip be shared with multiple people?


Why same Waterpik water flosser tip can’t be shared with multiple people?


The tip is the part of the Waterpik that needs to be in the mouth for cleaning the blood or meal clots between the teeth. It works like a toothbrush. Multiple people can’t use a single toothbrush.

The mouth is a colony of many microorganisms and bacteria. They interact with each within the mouth.

When a person uses the tip for mouth cleaning, it gets contaminated with mouth bacteria. If any other person uses the same tip, bacteria from it will enter that person’s mouth. These will cause several diseases.


If a person is a hepatitis C or HIV patient, the virus can spread through the same tip. In short, there are many health risks, while the same Waterpik water flosser tip is used by multiple users.


If you can’t buy multiple water flossers, you should buy at least multiple tips. To avoid similarity, buy the tips in different colors and assign each tip to family members according to color.

It will ensure hygiene and disease protection along with magical results.


Is buying a Waterpik water flosser worth it?


For proper oral hygiene, the Waterpik water flosser is an incredible device. If you are a person who is highly conscious of your mouth cleanliness, a water flosser is surely for you. You can get the following benefits with Waterpik water flosser usage

  • Improved teeth and gum health
  • Regular proper cleaning of your mouth
  • Helps to have a clean breath
  • Whitens the teeth by removing plaque
  • More deep oral cleanliness


Tips for safe sharing of a Waterpik water flosser


If you have just one Waterpik water flosser for the whole family, you must be careful about certain things. Following are some tips that can be a safety guarantee for sharing Waterpik water flosser among the whole family.

Buy multiple color tips


Try to buy multiple Waterpik water flosser tips to avoid mixing. In this way, every person in your home will have his/her separate tip in different colors, reducing the several tip mixing issues.


Seal the tips of the flosser after use


You should always try to buy the water tips that come with seals. Put these seals on the tips after using them. It will prevent aerial germs from entering and settle in the Waterpik water flosser tips.


Replace your Waterpik water flosser tips regularly


For better hygiene and disease protection, you should regularly consider replacing tips. A normal tip needed to replace after 3 months.

On the other hand, if you invest in some good quality flosser tips, you can replace them after 6 months.


Clean your Waterpik water flosser regularly


Cleaning of water flosser is the most important and must-do thing. You should clean it daily. Use water and vinegar solution for proper cleanliness of the water flosser tip.

Rest parts of the water flosser can be cleaned with water and good quality detergent. Make sure to clean it properly and remove the entire gunk.


Share Waterpik Flosser but not the Tip


We have discussed in detail that you can share the Waterpik water flosser. You have also seen the benefits that you can get from it. For healthy and long-lasting oral health, a Waterpik water flosser is a worth considering option. You should surely buy it if you can afford it as it is highly beneficial.


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